The Strange Man

I stopped for a moment to catch and my breath and noticed a man out of the corner of my eye. Something, whether instinct, or the memories of some person I had assumed, told me that this man was strange. My mind was even kind enough to give me some reasons why.

1. The man looked plain. Too plain. I couldn't have told what he looked like 5 seconds after seeing him unless I was really focusing on him.

2. He was looking at me, without trying to actually look at me. That meant that he had an interest in me and didn't want me to know about it. 

I began to mosey down the street with the beginnings of an idea forming inside of my head. The cottage where I had hid Roger's shoes wasn't far away. If I could get there a few seconds before the man, effectively I could "disappear." So I walked until I came to the street corner and calmly turned the bend.

Then I sprinted.

I ran for my stash, panting after a minute of running. The house was close, and the bushes containing the shoes were even closer. A glance over my shoulder revealed the plain man running as well, but I was able to stay ahead of him with my long 16 year old legs. My salvation waited around the next bend and I gave it everything I had left. it would have been a sight to see for sure... me running around the bend and practically diving headlong into the foliage.

I tugged off my shoes and shoved Roger's back on. Then as the tingling started I grabbed my 16 year old shoes and stuck them in the bush where Roger's shoes had been. Slowly and lackadaisically I started to amble down the road where the strange man was just coming around. He ran past me without a second glance. I turned to watch him as he kept sprinting down the street, around the corner, and out of my immediate future.

After quickly retrieving my shoes I strolled around town, finally ending up in the place where I would spend the night.

The End

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