A Distraction

“Hey” was all she said. I handed my order to the chef and turned to go back down the hallway.Thatwas when she cornered me. “Are you busy after work?” My mind thought quickly and before I could stop it my mouth blurted “No-“ and then I stopped. But I was too late.

 “Would you like to go for a walk?” she asked. Her eyes lit up and a smile on her face.

No. NO! NO!!! I WOULD NOT. I thought.

 “Sure” I said.

What is wrong with me??? I have other things to do! I can’t waste time with Lacie I have to…When I began to think about it I realized that I didn’t really have all that much to do. However I still didnotwant to go on an anything with anybody! Lacie practically skipped away while I sat down in the hallway waiting for the order to finish. When it was ready I walked it over to the table, made sure everything was ok and went back to the station to wait for another group.

Finally the day was done and I started to walk out the door when I remembered the walk with Lacie. Drat. I briefly thought about booking it and leaving her here, but as the idea crossed my mind Lacie came out. I let her lead the way since I didn’t know where to have a nice “walk.” Lacie tried to start some conversation which I happily shot down with one or two word answers when I could. She took us to a park and I gasped when I saw it. It was… beautiful. I… I had never seen anything like it before… I had seen a single tree here and there but there were somanyhere. I just looked around, rooted to the spot and when Lacie came back to guide me on I didn’t even notice that she had taken my hand. We walked along admiring nature and right in the middle of it something snapped.

What was I doing? I unhooked my hand from Lacie's startling her.

“Cole? What’s wrong?” Lacie asked looking worried and a little bit hurt.

“I have to be somewhere. My family and I are supposed to… I’m gonna be late!” I spluttered playing up to Lacie’s concern.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” She gasped and began to run back the way we came, “Follow me!” I took off after her and together we exited the forest. “I had a great time Cole… tell your parents I’m sorry!” she called out after me as I sprinted away.

 I turned a few corners and stopped convinced that I was safe.

The End

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