First Day

I slept in the park last night. It wasn't that cold. It rarely is around here actually. The sea moderates our temperatures so its never really cold and its never extremely warm. I woke up the next morning, feeling a little stuff but otherwise good. I had to steal a pen to fill out my papers. I had to make up a parent's signature and didn't know what to do for a phone number. I didn't want to steal a phone and minutes and stuff, so I left it blank and thought of something to tell Mr. Walters. With everything else filled in truthfully or not I made my way to Denny's.

Lacie wasn't at the counter when I walked in so I assumed that she waiting on tables or something. Not that I really cared… I walked down that hallway to the manager's office and knocked twice.

"Come in!" Mr. Walter's voice called. I shut the door behind me and sat down in the same chair as yesterday. Mr. Walters motioned for the papers and as I handed them over I told him my story concerning the blank phone number line.
"My parents and I are switching from a phone service to a cell phone plan, so we don't have a working phone at this point."

Mr. Walters nodded, "I see. I've been considering the same thing for my house. The bill just keeps getting higher, and they screw up my bill every month. I'm just about sick of it!" He leaned back in his chair and my interview began. I was asked questions about my personality, my likes and dislikes, my life choices, and stuff like that. My answers must have been satisfactory because after the final question Mr. Walters smiled and stood up.

"Congratulations Cole. You've got the job! However make sure you get me the rest of the information as soon as you can. Alright?"

I felt warm and happy as I stood myself and shook his outstretched hand. I was given a few shirts and pants with the Denny's logo on them, I was given an apron, a hat, and then sent off to find my instructor.


"Hey! Cool! You got the job?" I nodded while thinking No. I didn't get the job, I was just given emblemed clothes as restitution. People who asked pointless questions annoyed me a little. Lacie led me around, explaining how to greet, how to seat, how to take orders and bring them to the kitchen, delivering, creating the bill, everything.
It took about an hour to get through the unofficial "training" but Lacie assured me that the best training was getting practice. A family of five came in and Lacie gave me the signal to attend to them. I could tell she was watching me, whether that was because she was my teacher or she was drawn to me I couldn't and didn't want to tell.

"Hi welcome to Denny's. I'm Cole and I'll be your server today. Follow me and I'll take you to your seats."

The family chorused out a thank you and took a seat at the open table I gestured to. "Ok what would you like drink?"

"I'd like a coke."

"Water please, and 3 waters for the boys."

"But mom I wanted pink lemonade!"

"Ohh can't we get a soda please???"

I just stood to the side waiting for the mother to take control of the situation which she did with a snap of her fingers. I was impressed. The boys stopped talking and began to look over their menus.

"Alright so that's one coke, and four waters. I'll be right back."

I received a nod and a wink from Lacie, which I ignored as I filled up the cups for my first customers. I brought them back and flipped tot he next page in my notebook.
"Ok do you know what you would like to order?"

"An all-american slam please, with white toast please."

"A sausage slam for me please. Boys?"

The oldest ordered a mushroom swiss burger, the two younger ones ordered the build-your-own Grand Slam."

I read their orders back to them, received nods all around, and said "All right I'll bring your food as soon as it's ready."

I went the back way to the kitchen, avoiding you-know-who on purpose, but she anticipated the action and met me in the kitchen.

She was persistent I'll give her that.

I held in a sigh and braced myself.

The End

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