Settling Down

As I left the shoe shop I began to form a game plan. What did I need to survive? Food and water, a place to sleep, and a job to pay for number one and two. I couldn't get a job as a 13 year old, but with my 16 year old size shoes... not a problem. So where would I go? Burger King? Wal-Mart? Somewhere's else? Well let me think here... what can I do? What am I good at?

I could take a beating... I could take name calling, criticism, etc. I was fast and nimble on my feet, I was smart, I was charismatic when confronting people who weren't trying to kill me. Two things came to mind:

1: Enter in a Martial Arts contest
2: Become a waiter or salesperson

I'm leaning more towards option number 2 personally. I walked down the commercial district keeping an eye out for help wanted signs. I saw one in front of Dennys and decided to check it out. I walked inside, and if there was one thing that I liked about Dennys it was the retro feeling that this one exhibited. I walked up to the counter and talked to the waitress on duty. Her name tag said Lacie.

"Hello. Who do I talk to about the help wanted sign out front?" She flashed me a smile and said "Talk to the manager, here I'll take you to him." She looked my age... 17 or 18 max. Looked kinda cute too, but I couldn't really get anyone involved in my life right now. It was too confusing, and rocky, and unstable. She knocked on the last door down, which had a a brassy looking plate with the name Jack Walters, Asst. Manager on it.

"Come in."

Lacie opened the door and ushered me in. "Someone here about the opening Mr. Walters."

"Ah good!" said the man in the chair beaming a big smile. I liked him already. Lacie shut the door and I focused my attention on the man who could help shape my immediate future.

"So what's your name?"

"Cole." He looked at me a moment, seeming to wait for something then asked "Cole...?" I stared back and with a start realized he wanted a last name as well. I had to make one up because I had never remembered having a last name. I was just Cole.

"I'm Cole... Taylor."

He looked at me for a moment, and I tried to play it off as nervousness. I think it worked too.

"Relax Cole! You'll be fine! You seem like a good kid, and we really do need someone to fill this position." He rummaged around in his desk for a moment then handed me some papers. "Fill these out tonight, and come back tomorrow. I'll conduct your interview and if everything goes well, then you can start right after that ok?"

I nodded and stuck out my hand. We shook and I stood up, "Thank you sir."

"No problem Cole. See you tomorrow!"

I left the office feeling good. I had been lucky. I knew usually that jobs weren't found everyday, but without one I wouldn't have made it long. Lacie waved to me as I passed her and at the waitress station. "You look happy... did it go all right in there? Oh... and I don't think I ever introduced myself. I'm Lacie."

"I know." I said pointing to her tag. "And yes everything did go all right thank you."

"Are you coming back tomorrow?"

I held back a sigh. She was just trying to be polite I was sure. "Yes. If everything goes well I'll have the job."

She smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I took that as my cue to turn and leave. Girls made me nervous still. That was one thing that hadn't changed about me. The orphanage was all boys so I didn't see girls on a regular basis. Lacie was nice I guess. And very... happy or friendly. I couldn't let her distract me yet.

I had some things to puzzle out.

The End

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