"Sir. We just picked up the re-acticvation of an old signal."

"Really... whose?"

"Agent Drexlin"

"WHAT? Are you SURE?"

"Absolutely sir. It came from a small town on the east coast. It was on for maybe a few seconds then it dissappeared. It was unmistakably his signal."

"Well you better be damn sure ensign. If I authorize pursuit and recovery and it turns out to be some wild goose chase, you WILL be looking for a new career. Am I clear?"

"Yes Sir."

The ensign walked off leaving Director Hutchins to his own thoughts. Could it be true? Drexlin's signal had gone missing nearly 20 years ago. Drexlin had been his partner and the best in their division. He had a... peculiar gift that enabled him to get into places and situations that no one else could. Of course being as good as he was was dangerous to his health and he caught the attention of many terrorist and crime factions. He disappeared on a mission in Western Europe and was never made any contact since. Was it possible that he had survived?

"Sir! The signal is back online!"

Hutchins raced over to the console and stared at the signal code coming through. It was definitely his signal. Hutchins' heart began to race. If it was true that Drexlin was alive then every effort had to be made to get him back. He was more valuable than half the bureau put together.

Hutchins walked over to his desk and picked up his phone. He dialed the number to the board, enetered in his clearance code, and was patched directly in to the chairman.

"Yes sir. It's Spec Ops Director Hutchins sir. Yes sir we have a bit of a situation. No sir. Sir I am requesting permission to execute a search and recovery mission. Drexlin is back."

The End

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