Today I made a new discovery. I was using Roger's shoes, and as I was walking I tripped and fell. The injury was nothing bad, just a bloodied knee was all, but when I was just outside the orphanage and had taken the shoes off, the wound healed. I shrunk to normal and the cut just closed up and left no trace it had been there. I looked around to make sure no one was watching, then I put the shoes back on. The wound was still gone. I put my shoes on and tried a little experiment. I picked up a small sharp stone and very lightly pricked myself on the finger. I put Roger's shoes on: the prick disappeared. I put my shoes on again, the wound came back this time. I was confused. I went upstairs to my bed and began to think about the whole situation.

Then it hit me. Whenever I put someone else's shoes on, I turned into them like they were the moment they took them off. Meaning if if someone else was hurt when they took their shoes off, and I put them on I would be hurt. Same with my shoes. Another thought hit me. I found the rock from earlier, took my shoes off, so I was barefoot, then made another small prick. When I put my shoes on the second wound disappeared. I took my shoes off again and the wound still didn't come back. So I could negate anything bad that had happened to me while I was barefoot by putting my shoes back on. That could prove to be useful, and with my new revelation in mind I set to making a new plan for escape.

I finished it that afternoon, and was pleased with how it had turned out. I admit parts of it scared me, but if I wanted to escape I'd have to go through with them. I ran out the door and into the town. There was a Pawn Shop down the road from the orphanage. Yeah. Great city planning I know. I waited outside the store for about an hour until finally the owner walked out. I tailed him carefully, all the way to his apartment building. He walked inside and I followed him in and up the stairs. As he was just about to walk into his room when I walked up to him and said "Ex-excuse me sir" He turned and looked at me with disdain and I hurried on before he could walk inside and ignore me "Umm ma-may I use your phone quick? I need to call my mom." The man was silent a moment and for one awful second I thought he would leave me out here, but then he sighed opened the door and ushered me in. He took off his shoes and laid them by the door. Then he pointed to the wall where his phone was. I walked over to it, picked the phone off the stand thingy, and began to dial a fake number. I stopped one digit short so it wouldn't actually dial out. The man didn't seem to notice. Then I made up a quick conversation with my imaginary mother. "Hi mom it's me... yes I waited there for an hour!... no that's it... no... ok I'll meet you there in ten minutes... yes bye." I hung the phone back up and turned around. The man was gone. "Thank you sir... I'll let myself out!" and with that I crossed the room,looked around once more, grabbed the man's shoes, opened the door and left.

Perfect. I smiled and found an abandoned alley way. In the shadows I swapped my shoes for the pawn dealer's. Then I ran back to the shop. I looked into the man's memory and found where he had hidden the spare key. I unlocked the door and went inside. Weapons. Jewelry. Wow.

I looked around and found the item that I needed, and left the shop. It was getting dark so I hurried back to the orphanage careful to hide my new possession. I slept fitfully, because the next day I knew I was going to need it. 

I was up early the next day. I was anxious. What if my plan didn't work? I pushed those thoughts out. There was no place for them here. I put my shoes on, grabbed Roger's shoes from underneath my bed, and left the orphanage for what I hoped to be the last time.

I walked to a ledge  overhanging the sea. I hoped it was close enough to the town for my purposes. I took off my shoes and hung them around my neck, and pulled out the gun I had swiped from the pawn shop. I raised the small firearm and fired 4 or 5 shots into the air, then pointed the gun down and fired the last shot into my hand.

Ouch. I screamed, and dropped the gun. The bullet had gone right through like it was supposed to. The pain was so... umm painful... that I almost couldn't think straight. Some instinct or surviving brain cell told me to hold my hand out so the blood dripped voluminously onto the ground. I heard something behind me and looked back to see a few townspeople running towards me. With my bloody hand I waved at them, and then fell backwards off the overhang. I fell into the sea and my injured hand began to sting. Stupid salt water. With my free hand I grabbed my shoes and began to shove them onto my feet. When the second shoe was on, the pain in my left hand began to subside, and then blissfully disappeared altogether.

I swam as far down as I could and began to head for the shore, when I could stand, I switched my shoes for Roger's and changed into a tall. dry man. I hid my own shoes in a bush, and then calmly strolled back towards town.

I couldn't help but smile as I did.

I was free.

The End

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