I planned my escape in relative quiet. The neanderthals had been leaving me alone after an incident which happened a few days ago.

It was a Tuesday. I had waited until everyone had gone to bed. Then I crept to the line of beds that held my daily tormentors. One by one, I slipped on their shoes and looked into the memories. The whole process took about five minutes, but now I was ready for the next day's confrontation. They were going to mousetrap my feet. They usually woke up around 7:00 AM so I set my mental alarm clock for 6:50. I was so excited I almost couldn't sleep.  But I calmed myself down, and gradually drifted into slumber.

I was up. I cautiously opened my eyes. No one was up yet. Good. I laid back down and waited. A few minutes later I heard the creaking of the bed springs... one of them was awake. He got up, shambled around, and woke up his comrades. They rustled around in one of the dresser drawers and started snickering. Then their footsteps began to gradually get louder. They were coming for me. I smiled to myself, things were going to get interesting.

When the footsteps stopped I opened my eyes to a tiny slit. I peered out of them and watched as John lowered the mousetrap to my toe. Quick as flash I pulled my toe and kicked the bottom of the mousetrap and sent it flying. Right into John's face as it were. I sat up and looked at the group of guys with an expression of confusion on my face. John was screaming quietly as he tried to release the mousetrap and not wake the others at the same time. When he finally succeeded, his face red and tear stained, he glared at me. "You little prick!" I looked at him still feigning confusion and said "What? You think I did that? I was having a bad dream and then-" "That's a load of crap!" he whispered. I smiled at him and said "A load of crap huh? You mean like that girl who you rap-" "SHUT UP!" He bellowed. "How the hell did you know that?" I laughed softly "It's ok John. We all have secrets here right guys?" I looked around the circle of boys whose faces had suddenly grown much whiter than they were a minute ago. "For example Eric here likes boys. He's tried to get to you to have fun with him hasn't he?" The other boys looked at him and moved away disgusted. Eric turned and slunk back to his bed, friendless for now until I was gone and he could make up some lie. "Or David! David looks at dirty magazines. He hides them underneath his mattress. And then there's Frank... Frank isn't really a guy." Frank choked, but I don;t think anyone heard me except him. Eric and David had ran back to their beds to wallow in their shame and misery, Frank, short for Francine, soon followed suit. I had found those memories during my many practice sessions, and had stored them away in my memory to be used at time such as this. I heaved a sigh of relief, I wouldn't be bothered anymore.

So I set my mind to my next task: getting out of here. I had to do it in a way that wouldn't set the cops looking for me. I had to start clean, and I couldn't do that with everyone on the lookout for my face. So I started to think... when would they stop looking for me? After I had been gone long enough yes, but I couldn't... wouldn't wait that long. I thought for hours and finally came up with the only thing that would stop them for good.

I had to die.

The End

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