A girl encounters a series of brutal dreams that keep haunting her night after night. These strange dreams are connected, and they feel so real, as if belonging to another reality. Should she stay? Should she leave? Is there any other choice?

Karasuba Kyouko, or Kyou for short, was a normal girl by all means.

Her face was not the rare kind that you could not find anywhere else in Asia, but her peers found her attractive. Her hair was dark in color and tied in a ponytail, which would be waist-long if released, and her eyes were brown and almost shining. Her figure was not of a hourglass-formed bikini model but of an athlete, tall with fair muscles.

Despite that, she was still a normal girl. Upon her 21th birthday, she had not yet developed any strange behaviors or abnormal abilities that sci-fi authors loved to use in their works. 

One day, she encountered a dream. A brutal one, but actually, it was not too strange, compared to the nightmares that she could remember.

In this dream, she was with a group to protect a village against monsters. She could remember some of their faces: Park Cheon-Ho, a young Asian boy who looked like he was still in his middle school years; Maya Bell, a slightly older brown-haired woman with a pixie cut who easily looked like a famous American actress; Philip Goff, a middle-aged Caucasian man with darkened skin who was almost bald; and Marine Calvet, a middle-aged fair-skinned stylish lady with straight shoulder-long blonde hair.

There were more than thirty people in this group, but these four were the ones she would work together in the most time. If only she 'would' work together with them in just this dream, this would be perfect for a normal life. But, no, she had not known about what was waiting for her. And she should not have.

The End

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