Walking Home Alone.

This a a script of Personal Safety. A group of friends are having fun when one of them decides to walk home. Alone.

Walking Home Alone.

Dr Haig
Mr Grimmer
Securaty Guard:
Rachels Parents:
Emily Flemming
Ross Flemming

Scene 1:
(Dr Haig Picks up a Phone)

Dr Haig:Send Rachel in please.
(Rachel enters room and sits down)
Dr Haig: Morning Rachel, how are you?
Rachel: Morning, I’ve been better I guess
Dr Haig: I’m Dr Haig and I’ll be your therapist for the coming weeks. You are free to tell me anything, whenever you want, only if you feel comfortable.
( Dr Haig sits down crosses his legs and turns to a new page in his notepad, he starts to write things quickly)
Rachel: Thank you, I will
Dr Haig: Good, okay, well let’s just get straight to it shall we?
(Rachel nods her head in a scared and hesitant manner)
Dr Haig: I want you to lie down, close your eyes and relive the lead up to the incident; I’ll be asking you questions throughout. You ready to start or do you want to talk about it more?
Rachel: Em... no let’s just start, I should be okay
(Rachel says this as she shakes her head slowly and studies the room around her, her voice is soft)
Dr Haig: I want you to close your eyes, relax and don’t worry.
(Rachel fidgets and sorts herself out, she closes her eyes and lets out a big sigh)

Scene 2:
Dr Haig: Lets Start off slow, What happened at the end of school that day?
(Mr Grimmer is standing at the board teaching a small class)
Alex: Hey Rachel, you coming out tonight?

Rachel: I don't know I have a swimming contest.

(Mr Grimmer is walking next to rachel and alex's desk)

Alex: So you times that by that then add it with that...

Mr Grimmer: Stop talking alex!

Alex: But I was helping her!

Mr Grimmer: Oh really , funny how were NOT doing maths.

(Mr Grimmer walks off)

Alex: Can't you come out before it?

Rachel: Can't think why not, but not for to long.

(Alexs taps junes shoulder)

Alex: Are you and rose coming out tonight?

June: Well I am, don't know about bog breath.

Rose: Shut up you! Yeah im coming, what time will we meet up?

Rachel: How about 5?

Alex: Can't got football till quater past.

Rose: How about we meet at half past, usual place okay?

Rachel: Works for me.

Alex: Same. So what we going to do?

June: Just muck about and stuff

Rose: ''Just muck about and stuff"

June: Stop that.

Rose: No YOU stop that.

Mr Grimmer: Both of use stop it!

(The pupils contiued there work)

Rachel: Oh. My. Gawd. This is so boreing!

Rose: I know right. SO BOREING.

June: Dieing of boredum.

Alex: Mr Grimmer, I refuse to work with this much nosie , so ill just stop working.

Mr Grimmer: Alex , stop talking.

Alex: I make a formal complaint on the grounds of sexisum!

Rachel,June,Rose: Shut up alex.

Alex: The shame of it, there trying to peer presure me!

(The bell rings)

Alex: This is out of order , Mr Grimmer I INSIST something be done about this imediatly!

Mr Grimmer: Go home alex.

(Alex darts out the door, followed by the rest of the class)

Scene 3:

Dr Haig: What did you do when you get home?

(Rachel sits in a chair typing while her status float above her head)

Scene 4:

Rachel: Where is he? He should be finished by now.
June: I dunno, maybe he is running late?
Rachel: Well he better be here soon, I don’t have very long.
Rose: I’m sure he won’t be long.
(Alex walks in exhausted)
Rose: There you are, where have you been?
Alex: I was running late from football practise, what have you guys been doing?
June: Nothing we’ve been waiting for you.
Alex: I’m here now, what do you want to do now?
Rose: I know!
(Rose taps Alex)
Rose: TIG!
(They play tig until Rachel interrupts)
Rachel: This isn’t fair I’m always it! I don’t want to play anymore!
June: Well what do you want to do then?
Alex: How about hide and seek?
Rachel: Yeah, I’ll count and you guys hide.
(Alex, Rose and June hide while Rachel counts to 15, they play hide and seek until everyone is found.)
(June is found first)
Rachel: Found you June, you have to help me find the others.
June: Awww this is so unfair, I always get found first
Rachel: Stop complaining and help me find Alex and Rose.
(June finds Alex next)
June: Haaa, found you!
Alex: Aww, did I win?
June: No, we still need to find Rose.
Alex: I think I know where she is.
(Alex finds Rose)
Rose: Aww I win!
Alex: Yeah, yeah you win big whoop, let’s go to Tesco’s.

Scene 5:

(Rachel, Rose, June and Alex are walking to Tesco)
Rose: How much money do you guys have?
Rachel: I don’t have any
June: Why not?
Rachel: I didn’t ask for any, my parents think I’m staying at the park; they don’t like me going as far as Tesco.
(Alex jokes, teasing Rachel by hitting her arm)
Alex: Aww little baby!
(June and Rose laugh)
Rachel: You know what my parents are like... they don’t let me do anything.
Alex: Why are they so strict?
Rachel: I’m there only daughter, they are very protective.
Alex: Aww little fragile Rachel!
(All walk into Tesco)
Alex: Aww we really want those sweets!
Rachel: Yous have enough don’t yous?
June: No we don’t
Rose: We can still get them tho
Rachel: How?
Alex: It’s called steeling
(Alex talks in a funny voice)
Alex: Little perfect princess.
(June and Rose start to laugh)
(Alex shoves a packet of crisps in his jacket)
Rachel: Alex! You can’t do that!
Alex: Well i can!
June: And so can you
Rose: Yeah Rachel just do it!
Rachel: No way! What if i get caught!
Rose: You won’t, its fine, just hurry up and do it!
Rachel: Fine!
(Rachel slyly puts a packet of sweets into her jacket)
(Everyone begins to walk out of the shop, suddenly the alarm starts going off)
Security Guard: OI, STOP!
(Alex, June & Rose run out of the shop and Rachel is left standing there)
(Alex, June & Rose laugh about what has just happened)
Alex: Can’t believe she got caught.
June: I know, why didn’t she just run?
Rose: No idea, do you think she will get in trouble?
June: Guess we’ll find out
(Alex, June and Rose turn to look at Rachel as she walks over)
(Alex, June and Rose burst out laughing)
Rachel: Oh my god! Why did yous leave me there!
Rose: What? Do you think we’re going to stand there and get caught?
Rachel: Well i got caught! I’m banned from there now!
Alex: Aww but what if you want to go to Tesco with your mum?
Rachel: Aw! Well i can’t now can I?
(They all (apart from Rachel) laugh even louder)
(They all start walking away)
(Alex and Rose act out a reconstruction of what happened with Rachel and the Security guard)
(Rachel has had enough)
Rachel: I need to go to the center, i’m going to be late, i’m taking the short cut.
June: Just come with us?
Rachel: No, im already late.
Alex: Want me to come with you?
Rachel: No, its fine, bye.
(Rachel walks away on her own and Alex, June and Rose go in the other direction)

Scene 6:

(A man gets out of a parked car, and taps Rachel’s back, he talks to her.)
Stranger: Hey, Rachel.
Rachel: Hi... do I know you?
Stranger: Yes, I know you from Emily’s work. I'm Mark, don't you regonise me?
Rachel: Oh yes... I think I do, you look a bit different?
Stranger: I got a hair cut,Well your mum sent me to pick you up , I went your usual place that your mum said you meet up with , Alex, June and rose but you were no there?
Rachel: Yeah but I just went to...
Stranger: Well just get in the car, I’m sure you’re mum won’t be happy with us if you’re late.
Rachel: ... I suppose so.
(Rachel walks over to the parked car and gets in the car, it drives away.)

Scene 7:

Dr Haig: Didn't your parents tell you about getting into stragers cars?

Emily Flemming: Dinners Ready.

(Rachel and Ross enter)

Ross Flemming: I told you to bring me my dinner in the office , I have to finish that report to finish.

Emily Flemming: Ross , I Just want us to have a family meal together, If you cook you can decide were we eat.

Ross Flemming: You don't half talk a load of old nosense Emily.

Rachel : Can you pass the salt?

Ross Flemming: It's right there dear.

Rachel: Oh yes, so it is, silly me.

Ross Flemming: Did you hear about that boy getting abducted?
(Emily and Rachel shake their heads)
Ross Flemming: Yes, a boy was playing in the park with friends when a guy came up and claimed to be a friend of his family. Not been seen since.
Emily Flemming: Really? It’s frightening how someone could do such a thing, or how the boy believed the man.
Ross Flemming: Rachel, I’d hope you would know better to not do such a thing.
Rachel: Of course, but why is it such a big deal? The man could easily have been an actual family friend.
Ross Flemming: Rachel! I’m telling you now never get in anyone’s car apart from mine, do I make myself clear?
Rachel: Of Course Daddy, but what about Alex's mum's car?

Ross Flemming: Well yes you can get in her car.

Rachel: What about Uncle Barny?

Ross Flemming: Yes, No stop being stupid, if there a freind or family you can get in there car. Just use your comman sense!

Scene 8:

Dr Haig: So what happened in the van?

Stranger: How was school today then rach? Your mum said you were was saying you were in primary 6 already

Rachel: Well just boring stuff really was not really listening.

Stranger: Sounds just like me when I was younger.

Rachel: How far away is the lesuire center from here i cant be late or ill miss it.

Stranger: Shoot , were nearly out of gas , we better go and get petrol.

Rachel: Okay just try and hurry.

(The stranger looks around)

Stranger: Im getting worse I tell you , I have left my walet in my house. Its just up ahead we will have to nip in.

Rachel: Aww okay.

(The stranger pulls up the car and gets out)

Stranger: Well come on then , im not going to leave you in the car alone , you never know what could happen.

Rachel: Oh yes , how silly off me.

(The stranger and rachel exit )

Dr Haig: So thats when it happened?

Rachel: yee.....s.

Scene 9:

Alex: Yeah mum im just at Rose and Junes just now, What time you taking us to the cinema? Aww okay see you then. Bye!

Rose: Come on your turn.

Alex: Ha ill bye mayfair!

Rose: You ALWAYS get the blue ones.

(There is a knock at the door, june runs down to get the door, The two sisters meet at the door)

Rose: I'll get it!

June: NO ill get it!

(The sisters started to fight, alex bargged threw the both of them.)

Alex: Ill get the door them shall I?

(A police officer is at the door)

Police Man 1: Good eveining, Im P.C Colin, I was wondering if i could speak to your parents regarding Rachel Flemming? She has been reported missing.

Alex: Haha, you must be having a laugh.

June: Oh My God shut up you plonker, Were no donating to charity.

Police Man: I'm Sorry?

Rose: Shut up June, Sorry but you must have the wrong girl, Rachel is to sensibal to go missing.

Police Man: We are certian that she has went missing.

Alex: What?

Police Man: I'm sorry but i must speak with your parents and yourselfs after.

June: Okay come in, she is in the living room.

(The police man exits)

Rose: Wait do you think he knows at tesco?

Alex: Hide!

(The children exit)

Scene 10:

Rachel: The security guard at tesco saw me with the man and went to have a word with Ne.. I mean the stranger to tell him about me stealing. He though something was up so he phoned the police. And thats how it happened.

Dr. Haig: Do you want to speak about what happened with the stranger?

Rachel: No...t today. No not today.

Dr. Haig: Thats fine Rachel, well that’s all we have time for today.

(Rachel stands and picks up her bag)

Rachel: Okay I’ll see you next week.

Dr. Haig: Take care Rachel.

Rachel:I will try.

(Rachel leaves the room.)

The End

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