About Neleigh Frances

I've been close to Neleigh Frances for about two years now and I can say without the slightest shadow of a doubt that she is the single sweetest, nicest, kindest girl I've ever known.
    Which is why it makes no sense that horrible things just keep happening to her.
    Neleigh’s father has been an alcoholic, well, for damn near ever, I’d imagine. All her life for sure. She can remember his drunken attempts at parenting back to when she was four. The Frances’ kept it a secret though. A good one too. I’ve known for about eight months now, and I was the first one Neleigh ever told.
    She’s torn up about it, of course, but his being an alcoholic is all that she knows. Her mother knows more, however, and now she is asking for a divorce.
    The divorcing part was simple enough — if there is one thing we are good at in America, it’s busting up a marriage — it’s all an ugly custody battle now, though I don’t know what case he thinks he has. What he does have, I guess, it money. And I can only hope that’s not enough.
    He says he wants custody, but also told Neleigh (and her younger sister, Lydia) that if their mother would agree to no child support, he’d agree to no visitation.
    Which proves two things: one, that money is indeed the center of the universe (or at least his) and two, that Neleigh’s father is a prick.



The End

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