Cookies and Milk.Mature

  Lisa looked at the cookies on the cookie sheet, a bakers dozen, and coudln't help but a drool a little. "Hey Mom. Baking cookies?" Marge put all but two of the cookies in the microwave; Lisa saw their was a large plate of cookies, and all of different kinds. Marge went to the fridge and poured her and Lisa some milk.

  "Yes, sweetie." Marge closed the microwave. "These cookies should distract your father until later." Marge handed her daughter one of the cookies and and a cup of milk, and they both sat down at the table, where Marge's pocket lay on the side.

  "Later?" Lisa tried to remember if there was something planned for her father. "What's happening later?" Lisa bit into the cookie; her mother was a natural baker. She drank some milk to help it go down.

  "You forgot?" Marge grabbed her pocketbook and pulled out what looked like a poker chip. It had a big 1 on it and was colored gold. "It's been one whole year since your father drank a single beer. We're throwing a party! Remember?"
  Lisa hit her head. "D'OH!!" How could she forget that? She had been telling her father that she wanted him to quit drinking for years, and she forgets? Wow. "Sorry Mom. I totally forgot. I've been so preoccupied with the kids, I must've forgotten."

  "Well, now you know." Marge put the chip back in her purse. "I'm so proud of your father! It's been so great since he quit drinking; no more drunken fights, no more coming home late and passing out in the bed, or on me. Your father's so strong."

  "Yeah. I wish Nelson would quit drinking. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not  problem; I would just prefer it if he didn't drink." Lisa couldn't help but remember the past few days.

  "Don't worry about it honey," Marge took a bite of her cookie. "As long as he doesn't get as bad as you father had gotten. If you wanna try and change him, try and get him interested in the ship in bottles like your father; that's how he's gotten over it."

  "Nelson might actually do that." Lisa took a second bite of her cookie. "He owns a car garage after all, so naturally he's good with his hands." 'In many ways,' Lisa thought to herself with a snicker. "Maybe I'll buy him some on the way home." Lisa looked at her watch, shocked at how long she was there for, two hours, and threw the rest of her cookie in her mouth and stood up. She should've been home an hour ago.

   "I gotta go Mom," Lisa said, her mouth full of cookie. "Where's the party again?"

  "It's at Apu's house." Marge finished her cookie and went to the microwave. She took out a cookie. "Here, gove this to Nelson. You should start baking for him Lisa; a man loves it when you bake for them."
  Lisa grabbed her milk and drank the rest in one shot, helping the cookie go down. "Ok Mom." Lisa kissed her Mom on the cheek and opened the door. "Good night."

  "Good night." Lisa left her parents house and went for her car. She noticed Bart's car was gone; 'Must've gone to exact his revenge on Martin,' Lisa thought. She opened her car door, got in, and started it. She drove off, heading for home. She forgot to put the cookie in a wrapper of some kind; a napkin, tin foil, anything, so she put the cookie on the dashboard.

  15 minutes later.

  Lisa was driving the car to her house; another ten minutes and she would be home. She hit a bump, and she saw the cookie for Nelson fall on the passengers seat. 'Great. I don't need crumbs in my car. She grabbed the cookie and placed it back on the dashboard. Lisa then saw a truck heading straight for her. She turned the wheel, trying to go right and avoid the truck. But it was too late; the truck hit her.

  Lisa felt her door hit her as the truck slammed against the drivers side of the car. The car kept on moving, pushed by the truck. Lisa blacked out.

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The End

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