Hey Lis'. Listen, about those harmful acids...Mature

Nelson woke - up to find Lisa getting dressed. "Where you going, beautiful?" Lisa had just gotten her jeans on. Nelson was sad he hadn't woken up earlier. Their fight had been settled yesterday, and once the babies had fallen asleep, they had the whole night to make - up.

Lisa turned around and looked at Nelson. "I'm going to my parents, " she said. "Bart called; he said he needed help with identifying some harmful acids. "

" Harmful acids? " Nelson wondered what Bart would need with those. " Seriously? "

" Yeah. " Lisa picked up her keys from the dresser and looked at herself in the mirror. She saw Nelson get up out of bed and walk towards her, wearing only his boxers. He put his arms around her waist and kissed neck. " Oh, Nelson. I really gotta go; knowing Bart, he'll probably mix everything he finds in under the sink together. "

" Got it babe. " Nelson stopped kissing her, but still held on to her waist. Despite giving birth to twins, with one being 14 pounds, she still had, as Nelson called it, " A rockin' body ". " Guess I'll watch the twins then. "

Nelson opened his dresser drawers to get dressed. "I'll be back in about an hour. ". Lisa left before he got dressed; she wasn't kidding when she said that Bart might start mixing random chemicals.

Lisa got to her parents and knocked on the door. Her father opened the door, and she hugged him. " Hi Dad!. "

" Hi honey! " Homer looked at his daughter. " Everything alright between you and Nelson? "

" Yeah, we're fine. " Lisa walked up the staircase with Homer. " We had a little fight, but

we're better than ever! "

" Oh, good. " Homer walked to his art room, where he made his ships in bottles. Lisa saw some new ones that hadn't been there a few days ago; a green one with three mini people, a robot, a cyclops, and an ordinary guy and a black and white, round, ball ship, with the words Capsule Corp. on the side. " Bart is in the garage; he said something about making mustard gas. I don't know why he went in the garage; we have mustard in the fridge. "

" Okay. I''ll go there now. " Lisa hurried down; she didn't want Bart killing himself, or Buddha forbid everyone.

Bart was working looking for ammonia; he already had the bleach, on top of the workbench, but he couldn't seem to find the ammonia. " Bart! " Bart jerked his head out from out the closet, banging it on a shelf of holding hammers and other tools. " What are doing? Mustard gas? Are you serious? "

" What? " Bart was holding the back of his head. " I wasn't going to use it on him. "

" Why would you need mustard gas? " Lisa couldn't think of any reason as to why he would need, or even want, such a dangerous concoction. "

That stuff is very dangerous! You could kill yourself! Why would you want to it? "

" Because, " Bart said, as if the answer was obvious. " I need it. "

" Wuh? " Her brother never ceased to amaze her. " What on earth would you need mustard gas for?

  " I'm gonna use it to get revenge on my roommate. "

" What? " Lisa didn't understand. " You're gonna kill him? "

  " No! " Bart picked up the bleach and held it up to his sister. " I'm just gonna destroy his stuff. It'll teach him to not screw with Bart Simpson. "

Lisa took the bleach from Bart. " That's a stupid thing to do, Bart! Besides, I thought you wanted acids? "

" Yeah. I'm gonna use the mustard gas to burn his stuff. I'd use fire, but I don't want it to get out of control.

" Bart, " Lisa pinched her nose and closed her eyes, " mustard gas is a chemical used to kill people! It's not used to melt things! "

" Really? " Bart thought it would melt things and leave a mustard - like

smell afterwards. " I thought it melted stuff and left it looking and smelling like mustard. "

" No. " Lisa shoved the bleach into Bart's arms. " Now take this back into the bathroom. If you want to get revenge on Martin, just rip apart his books; you know how much he loves his science magazines. Or cancel his subscription. But don't set anything on fire. "

" Hey, yeah. " Bart smiled at the thought of Martin crying over his stupid nerd magazines. He could also video tape it and post it on the internet. That would teach him to rat him out for sleeping at work. " Thanks, Lis'! " Bart left the garage, leaving the bleach on the workbench. Bart left the garage, placing the bleach on the workbench.
  " Bart! " Lisa picked up the bleach. " You forgot the bleach. " Lisa finished her sentence with a defeated voice.

Lisa put the bleach back in the bathroom, and walked to the kitchen. She could smell something baking in the oven. Cookies. She went in to find her mother holding a cookie sheet with several chocolate chip cookies.

The End

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