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  Maggie was on her bike, riding to her sister's house. It was morning, and the night before her and her husband, Nelson, had had a fight. She wanted to make sure everything was okay between the two. Unlike her parents and brother, she liked Nelson, instead of merely not disliking him. She knew that they loved each other; ever since she was a little kid, she would always see Lisa looking at Nelson whenever she got the chance, and vice - versa.

  Maggie got to her house and knocked on the door. She waited for a good minute until she got to the door. When she opened it, Maggie saw that Lisa was crying.  " Lisa, what wrong? "

  " Nothing Maggie. " Lisa stepped aside and let Maggie in. She walked in and saw the clock. It was half passed ten. " Where's Nelson? "

  " He left last night. " Lisa walked to kitchen, where she sat down on the table. Maggie saw a carton of chocolate ice-cream on the table, a spoon standing up in inside, dug into the frozen treat. Lisa grabbed the spoon and started to take in mouthfuls of ice-cream.

  " What happened last night? " Maggie knew it had to be bad for Lisa to pig out on ice-cream. " And stop eating that! " Maggie took the spoon from her sister as she dug in for another spoonful. Maggie saw that the carton was nearly empty.

  " It's horrible Maggie! " Lisa swallowed the ice-cream she had in her mouth. " He hurt me. " Lisa spoke with a low voice, but Maggie still heard her.

  " He what?!!? " Maggie couldn't believe. She couldn't believe that Nelson would hurt his wife; at least not intentionally. " Lisa, Nelson would never hurt, not on purpose. "


  " Look at my arm! " Lisa pulled up her left sleeve to show Maggie her bruised arm. Maggie looked at it; it really was a nasty bruise. She told her what happened " He did it last night. He grabbed me. All he did was grab me, and he did this. It was just an accident, but he still hurt me. "

  " Lisa. It was an accident. Accidents happen. " Maggie touched her sister's arm lightly. Lisa pulled back a little.

  " I know. But he was sober. He wasn't drunk, or anything. What if he was? He looked horrified when he saw what he did, but he still did it. If he was drunk, who knows what he would've done. " Lisa began to shed some tears. She looked down and covered her face with her hands.

  " Lisa. " Maggie tried to think of something to say. " You know he would never hurt you like that. You said it yourself; it was an accident. "

  " I know he didn't mean to. But if he did this when he was himself, what if he did it when he was drunk. We keep beer in the house. What if he got drunk, and he hurt me again, or the kid?!!? "

  " Lisa! He wouldn't do that. " Maggie was getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. " You said so yourself! You were fighting! All he did was try and stop you from leaving him! It's not like he grabbed you cause you said something, he did it because you tried to leave and he wanted to finished talking! "

  " I know. " Lisa began to speak more clearly. " I'm just so ... so ... mad. "

  " Mad? " Maggie didn't understand what she was talking about. " I thought you were scared? "

  " I thought he was cheating on me Maggie. " Lisa let out a loud cry. " He was never home Maggie! He was always at work, or out with his friends! What was I supposed to think? "

  " Lisa. " Maggie couldn't believe that her sister thought that her husband would cheat on her. " Nelson may not have always been the nicest guy, and he may have been a cheater in school, but he would never cheat on you. You know that. " Maggie put a hand on Lisa's back to help comfort her.

  " He wouldn't? " Maggie shook her head. " I wish he wouldn't spend so much time out. It gets to a woman's head, you know? " Lisa heard a cry from upstairs; one of the babies had woken up. She was about to get up when Maggie told her to stay seated.

  " I got it. " Maggie left the kitchen for her niece and nephew's room. She opened the door and saw Homer crying . She looked at his sister, who was starting to stir. Maggie picked up Homer, who looked so much like her father. He brought him down to the kitchen.

  " It's only Lil' Homer. " Maggie was bouncing him up and down with her arms.

  " Give him to me, " Lisa said. " He's just hungry. " Maggie handed Lisa her son, and prepared a bottle of formula. She handed the bottle to Lisa, who gave it to Lil' Homer before he could cry and wake up his sister. " I swear, he eats more than Dad does. " The two sisters laughed at the thought of their father eating less than a baby.

  " He looks so much like Dad. " Maggie had seen pictures of her father as a baby, the ones that their Grandmother had given to the family. " It's amazing. "

  " It is amazing. " Homer finished his bottle, and Lisa removed it from his mouth. " Sure eats like him, too! " Lisa put Homer on her shoulder and patted his back. She heard him burp and laugh.

  " You're so lucky Lisa. " Maggie looked at the mother and child. " You have a husband and two beautiful children. I wish I- "

  " Maggie! " Lisa cut her off. " I told you before, you're too young to think about that kind of thing. You're only sixteen! "

  " I know, " Maggie laughed. " I''m just saying that I can't wait till I have a family of my own. "

  Lisa put Homer on her knee and started to bounce him. Maggie heard the doorbell ring. " I got it. ". Maggie went for the door, and as she went, she saw Dolph driving away in an hurry from the window. She opened the door and saw Nelson standing there.

The End

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