I'm sorry.Mature

Nelson looked at Maggie. She had always like Nelson, and understood him more than the other Simpsons did. " She waiting for you in the kitchen. " Maggie gestured for Nelson to come in and he did. She closed the door and followed him to the kitchen.

Nelson saw Lisa sitting at the table with a smile on her face. She was bouncing Little Homer on her knee. Though he was called Little Homer, it was only because of Big Homer; his son had the same body of his grandfather, big and round.

" Can I sit? " Nelson asked. Lisa looked at him, keeping her smile on her face.

" Yeah, " she said. " Maggie, can you take Homer into his room. I thinks he's hungry again. " Maggie walked over to Lisa and took the baby.

" Come on Homie, " Maggie said in a baby voice. " Let's get you some baby food. Do you bananas or apples today? " She walked out of the kitchen.

Nelson sat down and looked at Lisa. " We need to talk. " She said.

" I know. " Nelson was nervous. How could he not be. " I'm sorry for hurting you last night. I didn't mean to. You know I would never hurt you. "

" I know you wouldn't Nelson. " Lisa put her hands on Nelsons. " Besides, it was partly my fault. If I hadn't overreacted to that little lie, none of this would have ever happened. "

" Why'd you care so much anyway? " Nelson asked Lisa. " I mean, it was just a little lie. It's not like I was cheating on you or anything. "

" The reason I cared so much was because you've been away for so many nights. " Lisa's voice began to crack as tears came from her eyes. She looked down to hie them. " I didn't know where you were. I thought you were with another woman. "

" You know I would never cheat on you, " Nelson said softly. He took a hand and grabbed Lisa's chin, bringing her to eye level. He could her tears now, running down her cheeks. " You know that we're destined to be together. I love you, and I will never hurt you. "

" Oh Nelson, " Lisa said, " I love you so much. " Lisa leaned in and kissed her husband.. They stayed like that for minutes, until Maggie came in, to get some formula for Homer.

" Well, seems like you two made up. " The two broke their kiss and looked at Maggie. " I knew you two would. " Maggie walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of formula for Homer. " I'm gonna put Homie down for a nap and then I'll leave. Let you two make - up some more. " Maggie winked at Lisa and Nelson.

" Maggie! " Lisa said, embarrassed. Maggie left the kitchen laughing and put Homer to bed. She left once he shut his eyes, his sister asleep in the crib next to his, leaving the married couple alone in their house.

The End

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