But other times you need a good punch in the gut!Mature

  Nelson was standing outside a hospital emergency room. Lisa was giving birth to their child. Doctor Hibert called him in, and he ran to see his wife. When he got there, he saw Lisa, covered in bruises, with a cast on her left arm. " Here's your baby, Nelson. " Lisa's voice was low and weak. Nelson looked at the babies and let out a horrified scream; they were horribly deformed. He looked at Lisa, and saw she had a black eye. Lisa glared at him with hate in her eyes. " Look what you did to my baby, you bastard!! All because you hit me Nelson!! YOU HIT ME!! " The world started shaking as Nelson just stared at the group of doctors, nurses, and other people who appeared out of nowhere. They all knew it was his fault.

" Hey, wake up! ".  Nelson awoke from his nightmare to Dolph's shaking. " Come on, I got work and you got to talk to your wife. " Dolph was dressed for work, keys in hand, ready to leave.

  " Yeah. " Nelson got up. He replayed his dream, his nightmare, over in his head, rying to make sense of it. Was it a sign? Was God telling him to leave Lisa, or he would hurt her?

  The two walked to Dolph's car and got in. Dolph started the car and drove away from his house. They drove in silence until they were a few minutes away from Nelson's house. Dolph broke the silence. " So, what are you gonna say? " He figured they would get baack together, as they normally did, but what Nelson said surprised him. 

  " I'm leaving. " Nelson just looked at the floor, speaking monotonously. " If I stay with her, I'll hurt her. "

  Dolph stopped the car abruptly. " What? You're gonna what?!!? " They were in front of Nelson's house, though they hadn't noticed. " You're gonna leave her just because you squeezed her arm a little too tight? "

  " I dreamed that Lisa was pregnant, and I beat her. She had bruises, a black eye, and her arm was in a cast. The baby was deformed and hideous. I can't let that happen! " Nelson's voice was cracking again, and this time a few tears escaped his eyes.

  " Stop being such a baby! " Dolph got out of the car, went to Nelson's side, and pulled him out. " What the hell's wrong with you? You're gonna leave her all because of a stupid dream? "

  " Yes! " Nelson pushed Dolph off him. He ran to Dolph and tackled him to the ground. The two started to fight, punching and kicking each other. They got, and Dolph punched Nelson in the gut as hard as he could, causing the larger man to fall to his knees.

  " If you leave her, " Dolph said, " I'll kick your ass everyday until the day I die! What would her life be like if you werent in it? She'd have no man to protect her, no one to help raise her kids! Do you want Lisa and your kids to end up having your life Nelson?!!? "

  " What? " Nelson was still holding his stomach.

  " You had no father, and your mother became a drunk who barely knew you existed! You became a bully, hated by everyone and loved by no one! If you leave Lisa, she'll end up with your life! Do you want that?!!? "

  Nelson looked at the ground with wide eyes. He was right. If he left, then Lisa and the kids would have the exact same life he had when he was a kid. He couldn't let that happen. " What do I do? " He looked up at Dolph, who grabbed him by the hem of his shirt and dragged him to the front door.
  " You make up with your wife and live happily ever after! Or is that too hard for you? " Dolph rang the doorbell and walked to his car, leaving Nelson by himself. He got to his car and checked his watch. " Great, now I'm late! " He drove off in a hurry.

 Nelson stood there as he heard footsteps walking to the door. He was gonna tell her he was sorry for everything. But when the door opened, it wasn't Lisa who opened it. It was her sister Maggie.

The End

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