Sometimes a talk is all you need.Mature

  Dolph looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. What happened to him? He was once a threatening bully, able to go up against anyone and scare them with just his size alone. Everyone else had gotten bigger, taller, while he stayed the same. Even Bart Simpson was bigger than him. Hell, he was bigger than Nelson now! Dolph was still in good shape; he wasn't fat and flabby, but he wasn't muscular either. He always counted on his size.

  Dolph heard a knock at his door, and he went to answer it. " Who is it? " He asked as he walked to the door.
  " It's Nelson. " Dolph could barely him he was talking so low. Dolph opened the door and let Nelson in. Nelson walked to the old couch Dolph had in his living room. " Can I crash here tonight? Lisa and me had a big fight. "

  " Yeah, sure. " Dolph saw Nelson sit on the couch, his hands on his head. He had never seen Nelson like this before. He knew how much he loved Lisa, and how much Lisa loved him. Dolph went to a closet to get a blanket and pillow, and returned to Nelson. " So what happened man? "

  " Lisa was mad at me for lying to her about last night. She thinks I care more about you guys than her and the kids. "
  " Oh. " That hurt. " Wait, she thinks that just because you lied to her? " Dolph didn't believe that Lisa would get so mad over a little lie. When they were kids, yeah; she would expect perfection. But not now. " Are you sure she's not mad about something else? "

  " Yeah, I'm sure. " Nelson was starting to speak up. " I did something bad. Really bad. " Nelson told Dolph about what happened with him and Lisa, how he grabbed her arm, and how he had hurt her without meaning to.

  " That's not good, " Dolph said. He sat on the couch next to Nelson and put a hand on his shoulder. " Don't worry, it was an accident. It's not like you were trying to hurt her. "
  " I know. " Nelson looked up at the ceiling. " But I still lost it. And after one little fight. What if we had a bigger fight, and I really hurt her. " Nelson's voice began to crack. He was holding back his tears; he wasn't upset over the fight. He was afraid that he would hurt Lisa, or even the kids.

  " You would never do that. " Dolph spoke slow and certain. " It was a spur of the moment thing. "
  " Even if it was, " Nelson looked at Dolph, " what if I have another one. And what if that one's bigger? "

  " There won't be another one. " Dolph got up and walked towards the door to lock it. " You're not a bad person. " Dolph walked out of the living room. " I gotta get some sleep, I have work in the morning. You should get some too. " With that, Dolph left Nelson to his thoughts.

  Was he not a bad person? He wasn't a good person, he knew that. But was he bad? He had to be bad. He hurt the woman he loves, even if it was an accident, he still did it.

  Nelson sighed and laid down. He was tired from getting almost no sleep the night before. He closed his eyes and let the world of sleep, dreams, and nightmares take him away. The last thing he thought of was Lisa, his beautiful, brainy, genius girl. And how he had hurt her.

The End

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