Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. OW!! I thought you said they wouldn't hurt?!!?Mature

  Nelson walked back to his house alone. Lisa had driven off fifteen minutes ago, angry because he lied about where he was the night before. Nelson looked at the sky which, had gotten darker. He hadn't noticed. Nelson wondered why Lisa cared so much about one little lie. " Why does she have to be so annoying? " He recalled the time when Lisa and Bart thought they had killed Martin Prince. " I didn't rag on her when she lied to me about killing the nerd. " Nelson saw a single star shining in the darkening sky. He was never one for something like this, he believed it was gay, but he made a wish to the star. " I wish Lisa would just lay off me sometimes. "

  Nelsons finally got home. It was dark and beginning to get colder. All he wanted to was go to his bed, lay down next to his wife, and go to sleep. He put his hand in his pocket to take out his keys, but couldn't find them. Come to think of it, he hadn't seen them since last night. " Oh geez, I must've lost them last night. ". Nelson checked his watch, and saw it was passed ten. The babies were probably asleep, and he didn't want to wake them up; Lisa would be even angrier at him than she already was, and he wouldn't get any sleep. Either from the nagging or the crying.

  Nelson looked to a window, and decided to climb in. He saw it was locked; ' Lisa always locked the damn windows ', he thought. He looked up and saw his room's window. He could see a light. ' Lisa must be watching t.v. ', he thought. Nelson picked up some rocks and threw them at the window. He hoped Lisa was listening, and she was. Lisa came to the window, but she did it as Nelson was throwing a rock. Lisa opened the window, and the rock hit her in the forehead.

  " OW! " Lisa rubbed where the rock hit her. " Nelson! What are you doing. " Lisa spoke in a hushed voice to not wake the kids up. Nelson could see Lisa wearing her orange night gown, the same one he bought for her birthday a few months ago.

  " I lost my keys, " Nelson told her. " Let me in. "Lisa just rolled her eyes and left the window. Nelson heard footsteps from inside, and finally the front door unlocking. Nelson walked in slowly, Lisa scowling the entire time. Lisa closed the door, controlling the urge to slam it. " Thanks. "

  " How'd you lose your keys? " Lisa asked. They walked to the kitchen; Lisa started a pot of coffee and Nelson grabbed a Buzz Cola. " Last night, when you lied to me about coming home early! "

  " Lay off. " Nelson sipped his soda. It was just a lie, why couldn't she just let it go? "  All I did was get drunk! How is that so bad? "

  " You said you would be home early! I expected to keep your promise! But no, you had to be with your stupid friends! "
  " They're not stupid ! " Their voices were getting louder, though they didn't notice. " They've been my friends since we were kids "

  " They are not your family! " Lisa was yelling now. Her voice could be heard from outside. " I'm your wife! You have two children! Who's more important, us or them? "

  " You are! " Nelson was yelling even louder, and the babies woke up. They began to cry, and Lisa went to their room, Nelson following behind. Nelson grabbed Lisa's arm, pulling her towards him.
  " We're not done talking! " Nelson's grip was tighter than he meant to make it, and he started to hurt her arm.

  " Nelson, " Lisa cried. " You're hurting my arm! "

  Nelson let go, shocked at how he had grabbed her. Lisa went to the babies. Only little Homer had woken up, thankfully. Lisa went back to Nelson, and looked at him with a scared look. " Get out. " Lisa's voice cracked when she uttered the words. " Get out of here, Nelson ! "

  Nelson just looked at her, and his stomach felt all twisted. He felt like he was gonna barf. Nelson would prefer it if Lisa had kicked him in the groin, slapped him in the face. But not that. " Okay. " Nelson spoke with a low defeated voice, and walked out of his house. Nelson walked away, unsure of where he was going. He only knew where he wasn't gonna go. Home.


I wrote this chapter with Nelson nurting Lisa, although by accident, because of the last chapter, which ended with Nelson saying, " Wait till I get home. ". It sounded it interesting, and so I used it.

I in no way condone abuse.

The End

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