What's This Then? [Nelson]Mature

                                             "So what happened last night?" Lisa asked.

                                             Nelson looked up from the bed, where his son and daughter were sleeping quietly. Lisa was looking at him with a slight glare in her eyes.

                                              "Nothing, honey. I just went for a drink with Dolph and the guys."

                                             "And you didn't come home because..?"

                                              "I just crashed at Dolph's place. I tried to call you but my phone died. I'm really sorry."

                                               Lisa leaned towards her husband. First, Nelson thought she was going to kiss him. But them she put her hand behind his ear, plucked something out and held it in front of his face.

                                               "What's this then?" she asked, twirling the leafy twig in her fingers.

                                              "Oh, uh... Dolph's new house plant... It's right next to the couch where I slept -"

                                               "You slept in a bush, Nelson!" Lisa hissed, throwing the twig into Nelson's face. "I bet you don't even remember what you did last night!" She scooped her babies up from the bed, waking them, but she didn't care.

                                              "Lisa, honey, listen to me! It was a one-off!"

                                             He followed Lisa out of Maggie's bedroom and across the landing. "I'm driving home now," she said. "If you're coming too, you can walk!"

                                             "Hey, wait a minute!" Nelson tore down the stairs after his wife.

                                            "Get away from me," snarled Lisa.

                                            Bart stormed out from the sitting room. "Hey, man, she said back off."

                                            Nelson eyes his brother-in-law. The days when the kid used to tremble in Nelson's shadow were well gone. Bart was much larger than Nelson now. Shit. Better do what he said.

                                            Nelson looked at Lisa as she stood in the doorway. "I'll see you at home, Lisa," he said, silently gritting his teeth in rage.

                                           Lisa looked at Bart. "See you, Bart," she said, before heading for the car.

                                            "Yeah, see you, Bart," snarled Nelson as he headed down the drive and headed for home on foot.

                                              Bitch, he thought bitterly. Wait til I get home; you'll be sorry then!

The End

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