Somehow She Forgave Me [Nelson]Mature

                                             Nelson was guzzling back his seventh glass of Duff like there was no tomorrow. Of course, at this stage, to him there was no tomorrow. His promise to Lisa that he'd be home early, and would go visit her family with her, had all been washed away in a torrent of beer.

                                             It was only himself and Dolph left at Moe's now; Kerney and Jimbo had turned in just over an hour ago. Though Nelson had no idea what time that had been. Kerney had a pregnant fiancee waiting for him - the pregnancy had been his "big news", to Nelson's disappointment. He'd been hoping childishly that he was bringing them all on a camping trip with a truckload of fireworks, but no dice. And Jimbo - or James, as everybody but his friends seemed to know him as now - was taking a course in graphic design, and had to get to college in the morning.

                                             It had been all Nelson could do not to point and laugh at their "misfortunes", as he would have called them, only for the small sober part of his brain reminded him of his own; Lisa and the twins. Shit! he thought. What time was it?

                                             "Dolph!" Nelson slurred across the bar, his now-empty glass still in his clutch. "Time is it?"

                                             Dolph turned puffy eyes towards Nelson. "I'll tell you what time it is," he mumbled incoherently. "It's time I did something. Get off my ass and did something. You see Kerney knocking up his chick. And - " He made air-quotes with his fingers, "JAAAAMES with his studying and his graphic whatyamacallits!"

                                             He leaned over and grabbed Nelson's arm with a badly-aimed hand. "And Muntz over here with his perfect family and his big-shot mechanic job! And it makes me SICK!" Dolph slammed his fist down on the bar. "I'm the only one of us who hasn't changed."

                                             Anger flared up in Nelson's chest. "Hold it right there! I haven't changed! Just because I'm a dad and I'm working doesn't mean I've changed!"

                                            "Then prove it, Mr. Fancy-Pants! Let's go thrash this town elementary-school style!"

                                           Elementary school. That was where Nelson had first met Lisa. He'd been ten when they'd first seen romantic interest in each other. Had their first kiss. Of course, Nelson was an outrageous boy back then, and had deceived Lisa's trust by lying to her so that she would help him hide from the police.

                                            Nelson had thought she'd never forgive him after that. Yet somehow she did forgive him.

                                             What was going on? Nelson didn't usually reminisce or have deep thoughts while he was drunk! Was Dolph right? Had Lisa changed him?

                                           "Yeah," he said. "Let's just do that."

                                          He and Dolph laughed as they got down from their bar stools and left their glasses on the bar.

The End

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