Walkaway ~ A Simpsons FanfictionMature

A Simpson fanfiction.

                                             Lisa looked at her husband over the table. He'd almost finished polishing off his dinner, but he was eating a lot slower than normal.

                                             "How was work?" Lisa asked, hoping to find out if something was the matter.

                                            Nelson finished chewing, and swallowed. "It was fine, sweetie. It wasn't very busy at the garage today. But Mrs. Lovejoy came over selling cakes for the church fundraisor, so lunch was pretty good."

                                            Lisa stood up and took her plate to the sink. "I was thinking of visiting my family tomorrow."

                                            "Oh?" Nelson asked through another mouthful.

                                           "Yeah. I was hoping you'd come too. I know its your only day off, but it would mean a lot to me. I mean, we haven't been over since Maggie's birthday. And my mom is always asking to see the kids."

                                           "Yeah, yeah, we can go," said Nelson, carrying his plate to the sink, and kissing Lisa on the cheek. "I gotta run, Lisa. Kerney's having a bunch of us over for a while. Says he's got big news."

                                           Lisa's heart sped up. Kerney almost always meant bad new. "Not too late, okay?"

                                          "Course not," said Nelson. "I'll be home before you go to bed." Nelson went into the hall, pulling on his jacket.

                                         Lisa stood in the kitchen doorway. She knew she shouldn't feel reassured by these words. But she was. She trusted him so madly.

                                          "Okay. I love you."

                                         "Yeah, love you too," called Nelson before he shut the front door behind him.

                                        Lisa picked up the phone from the coffee table in the living room, and dialed the number for 742 Evergreen Terrace.


                                         "Maggie!" Lisa grinned. "It's Lisa. How are you?"

                                        "Great! You know that guy Barry I was telling you about? Today he told me my hair looked pretty."

                                       "Oh, wow, Mags, that's awesome!" Lisa smiled, pacing out to the hallway. "Can you put Mom on the phone?"

                                       "Sure." A few seconds later, the comforting, familiar voice of Marge Simpson appeared on the line.

                                       "Lisa, honey?"

                                      "Hi, Mom! I'm just calling to let you know that Nelson and I are coming over tomorrow. And we're bringing the kids."

                                      "Oh! Wonderful, honey! I can't wait to see you."

                                     "Me too." Lisa turned to face the stairs as a wailing sound began on the first floor of the house. " Oh - sorry, Mom, I gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow."

                                    Lisa jogged upstairs and crept inside a small bedroom, where a wooden cot stood at either side of the room. The crying was coming from the one covered in baby-pink blankets. Lisa reached inside the cot, and lifted baby Erica into her arms.                                 

                                     Lisa paced across the room, cradling Erica in her arms, hoping to soothe the baby back to sleep. She peered inside the second cot, where Erica's twin brother was still fast asleep, chewing ferociously on his dummy.

                                     With a smile on her face, Lisa gently stroked baby Homer's cheek, while Erica screamed in her ear. It no longer mattered now that she'd had to give her dreams of university. It didn't matter that she found herself tied to Nelson Muntz for the rest of her life. When she was looking after her babies, nothing else mattered.

                                      And tomorrow she would see her family, she remembered. Nelson had promised her he would be there. To Lisa, the promise meant everything.

The End

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