walk with me

new school, new friends, new everthing and for some who has PTSD that can be hard. Read along as KAtie richards struggles thru high school again. Will adam help her or ignore her like every one else.
it can be deadly.

"UH." I groaned as someone pushed me into my locker.

"Watch it freak." Some tall kid threatned.

I hsrunk back against the lockers, hoping that if i closed my eyes he would just go away.

So that's what i did. My breathing slowed and i was almost calm again.

"Are you alright?" A musical voice inquired.

I blinked startled; someone was talking to me?

I looked up and found myself looking into hazel eyes rimmed with thick long lashes, high cheek bones, angular jaw, messy hair. I inhaled in shock.

he was gorgeous.

And he probably thinks i am retarted or something., i should most likely reply.

His eyes looked at me worriedly.

"I-i'm fine." I stuttered.

"dont listne to them K? There stupid." He mumbled a slight blush creeping to his cheeks.


'See ya round KAtie." he said then turned aand walked away with out a word.

what the hell just happened, and why do i feel light headed.

there was only one answer and it scared me.

The End

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