Henry's Diary: September/October 2005

Thursday 1st September  

Clare is a frequent visitor to my flat these days, and, even though she mainly complains about how much Steve is neglecting her, I’m not complaining.  The man is a prize fool.  Doesn’t he realise what a diamond the girl is? 

She came up to the roof last night and had a look through the binoculars.  She may have just been humouring me – she’s a considerate girl – but I had the feeling she was interested.  The nicest thing of all was when I stood behind her holding the glasses to make sure she was pointing them at the right bit of sky.   Did I imagine that she snuggled up against me just a little?  No.  Surely that's wishful thinking… 

We’re just good friends and I’m happy with that.  Well, mostly… 

Thundery day today, a shame as I was hoping to get out tonight and try and have another look for the alpha-aurigids shower tonight, when they reach their peak.  Never mind.  I’m happy enough.  


Saturday 17th September 

Mark and I went for a drink tonight and ran into Sophie and Ben.  Apparently his father is now on the mend so they’ve been busy, making arrangements again for their wedding.  Sophie said that an invitation will be on its way to me soon, and I’ve put the date in my diary… First Saturday in December.   There’ll be a new moon then – I just checked – good time to get married.  Good time for any new venture, really, I suppose… if one believes in that sort of thing. 

I was trying hard to sound as casual as possible when I chatted to Sophie.  I had to stop myself talking about Clare all the time.  She gave me a knowing look and smiled rather teasingly.  Reading between the lines, though,  I got the impression that Clare’s best friend doesn’t much like Steve.  It looks very much as if she thinks Clare could do better.  Well she’s not alone in that, is she?  Maybe having Sophie on my side could be a good thing.  No, I’m thinking like a teenager.  Sophie would probably just feel sorry for me if I told her how much I like Clare anyway. 

Full moon tomorrow night – I’m feeling a little heavy-hearted at the moment so maybe I’ll start feeling lighter in mood after the weekend.


Saturday 8th October 

Birthday party at Martin’s tonight.  Clare and Steve were there and I saw her poor little face become more miserable and downcast as Steve steadily drank his way through most of the cans in Martin’s fridge.  Luckily, Clare was the designated driver and wasn’t drinking, herself, or I would have been seriously worried about her safety, going home. 

Clare looked really annoyed with him when he came over to me and started asking me if Taurus was compatible with Aquarius, because he’s the latter and Clare the former and he thought he should maybe look for a ‘’different model with more of a sense of fun’’.    Poor Clare looked as if she wanted the floor to swallow him (and her) up.  Clare looked at me apologetically and pointed out that it was astronomy I was into, not astrology, but I think that sailed right over his head. 

Clare gave me a lift home, actually, which was nice, especially as I sat in the front with her while Steve was slumped on the back seat.  We chatted away and thought up a few new Deja Vu jokes while he was oblivious. 

When I got back, I had a look on the internet, just out of curiosity, to see if I could answer Steve’s silly question.  Something inside me, even though I know it’s all a load of old tosh, was gratified to see that they are completely incompatible.  I was even happier to see that I, a Capricorn, am supposed to be a PERFECT match for her.  Stupid!   I do NOT believe in all that mumbo-jumbo… 

Warm but overcast tonight so no hope of seeing the Draconids/Giacobinids shower – supposed to be a little weak this year anyway.

The End

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