Henry's Diary: May/June 2005

 Thursday 5th May

Went out for an Indian meal tonight – Danny and Julie's engagement do.  Not much to say except that Clare was there. Well – it's worth a mention.    I suppose if anyone ever reads these jottings when I'm six-feet under, or whatever my post-death fate is, they'll be sick of reading about her, though to be fair,  I haven't mentioned her for a bit.   Oh well.   The love affair that never was...  All right, so I like her.   A lot.  Not a crime, is it?   Not my fault I've had a ''thing'' for Nick's big sister for ten years,  since we were in the fourth Year and she in the Upper Sixth.   I asked Clare tonight how Nick's getting on in the States.   Any excuse to chat to her - I wasn't really that interested.   Not a chance she'll ever give me a second look.   She's going out with that Steve now.   He's a decent enough guy, I suppose,  but a bit of a boy racer petrol-head type. Good looking, of course.  Tall, slim, blond.  The exact opposite to me.   I hope he appreciates her – such a lovely, kind girl.   Oh, give it up Henry.   She's not for you...

When I got home I stood outside my flat, watching the sky just in case I could see the Eta Aquarids. Supposed to be up to sixty sightings an hour tonight. No luck – too built up round here, and a bit too overcast.

Friday 13th May

Unlucky for some, but I managed to chat to Clare for a long time at Martin's party.   She's the only one in that crowd who takes me seriously really, and sees beyond the geeky, nerdy stereotype they all think I am.  I feel I can talk to her for ages about astronomy and she actually listens without her eyes glazing over.   Her eyes are very pretty.  A lovely greeny-blue.  Sorry – one track mind.  Of course we got interrupted when Steve came over.  He asked me what was happening these days in Star Trek.   I don't even watch the programme, but I played along and started doing Mr Spock impressions, much to Clare's amusement.   Sometimes it's easier that way.   If I can get a smile out of her it's worth playing the fool.

Saturday 4th June

Quite an eventful evening.   First of all, I decided to make myself some home made soup.   All was going well until I managed to involve one of my fingers in the onion-dicing.   I got the bus down to Accident & Emergency with a teatowel wrapped round my rapidly exsanguinating hand.   Three stitches and a tetanus shot later I was on my way out when I saw a gaggle of girls I recognised.

They were dressed a little unconventionally – all had pink fluffy fairy wings strapped to their backs, and were carrying fluffy wands.  All except one.  You guessed it – Clare!   It seems that it was Sophie's hen night and Steve had had a shunt in the car when he was running Clare and Sophie to the pub.   Clare – whose wings were an iridescent aqua colour, the same as her eyes, actually – had knocked her head when he went into the back of another car.   She had been fine until the girls were halfway through their meal, then Clare had felt dizzy and almost passed out, so they brought her to the hospital to be checked out.

Clare told me all this.  She'd had an X-ray and a CT scan and they'd given her the all-clear, and discharged her.  She said ''Both brain cells still present and correct!''   Sweet...   Anyway, she was on her way back to Sophie's place now because the doctor had said she should be watched overnight in case of concussion. She seemed a little fed-up though, when I was talking to her. Apparently Sophie had phoned Steve from the hospital but he was at the ''stag'' do for Sophie's fiance, Ben,  and couldn't – or wouldn't – come down.   Some boyfriend, eh?   If she were MY girlfriend I would have been there like a shot, AND stayed up watching over her all night, for that matter.

She seemed fine, but I might pop round to Sophie's tomorrow to see how she is. Maybe get her a little present, too...

The End

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