Lay down in the street.Mature

You decide to give up. 

You head into the middle of the deserted street and lie down.  Hopefully a car comes soon.

You quickly fall into a terrifically deep slumber and the world around becomes a little less annoying.

You awaken to the rhino standing over you with a pair of police men, one of which who is insistently poking his loafer into your ribs. 

"Hey chief, you drunk?"

Fuck. "Uh . . . no?"

The cop looks taken aback.  You aren't lying to him, but he doesn't know that. "Alright, well blow into this and we'll see."  You follow his instructions, completely win the game and then:  "Looks like you're fine, well since we got a complaint we'll take you home."

Didn't know they did that.  Oh well, you needed to get home anyway.

In the back of the police car you decide you could use a nap.  They wake you up in front of your house and you go back to sleep in a real bed.  It's terrific and your story ends here.

The End

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