"If you destroy me I'll become more powerful than you can imagine!" You cackle maniacally.Mature

You continue cackling like a complete lunatic and the pale man backs up slowly.  His eyes have grown to enormous proportion, which is hilarious enough to help bolster your laughter.

When all else fails pretend to be crazy and no one will mess with you.

He turns and leaves, throwing a parting furtive look over his shoulder.  Hopefully he isn't traumatized by your excessive strangeness.

Eh, who cares?  Not you, you turn around and see your cell phone laying on the floor.  Good thing you chased him off or you might have left it.

You pick it up and notice that it's four o' three pm.  You've been out awhile, or you were up really late.  Or is it early now?  Why is it that whenever you stayed up until six am, and you say it was late some asshole tells you it was early, and whenever you say it was early they correct you and say it was late? I digress.

You notice the battery is low, one call is all you've got.  Better make it count.

The End

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