Tap your heels together and cross your fingers. It worked in The Wizard of Oz.Mature

"There's no please like home, there's no place like home!" You still feel the tickle of his foul breath on your nose.

Ah...crap! Looks like the good witch lied- you always knew she was just a glorified whore. Slowly you open your eyes and see his fat red tomatoe of a face right up in your personal space. "Don't make me angry," you say, hoping that your hulk impression would scare the fat bastard away. "You won't like me when I'm angry..."

The next thing you know, he's thrown you out on the sidewalk and slammed the telephone booth's door behind him. As you stand up, you wobble dangerously and a river of blood is flowing from your nose. Your first reaction is Oh G-d! Am I going to die? Your second is Well at least he didn't sit on me.

You wipe the loose gravel off your jeans. "Looks like we're not in Kansas no more," you mutter to yourself, with a bark of bitter sweet laughter. As you walk halfway down the block, you hear I scream. You turn around to see the large "tough" guy crash out of the booth screaming. His face was greener than the hulk.

Uh oh...you forgot that you didn't have a toilet in your apartment!

The End

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