"If I get out of the way will you tell me where I am?"Mature

You asked politely enough, you guess.  However, the look this albino rhino is giving you disagrees as loudly as a facial expression can.  Which isn't very loudly, considering it isn't a sound.

"Where do you think you are, jackass?"

"I really wouldn't have asked if I had an idea, I just woke up here.  I don't remember anything."  Being honest is always the best, you guess.

He merely shakes his head, pushes you into the street and firmly closes the door behind him.  Your apartment has been foreclosed and bought at a dirt cheap price.  At a price you might have been able to afford, what's the fucking deal with that?

You look around and guess you might as well start walking.  You reach into your pocket looking for your cell phone, the sun was pretty high but you aren't an Indian you can't read the clouds and the sun.  Your cell isn't there, it isn't in any of your pockets.  Damn.

Now you're lost and you don't even know what time it is.  Choices, choices.

The End

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