Open the door, push down the jerk who is attacking your house, and run.Mature

You fling open the phone booth's door and barge straight into a large and pale man.  You push with the little might your just-waking-up body can muster.  Not enough.  The man picks you up like a rag doll, turns and throws you much farther than you expected.  I mean, yeah, he's big; but he throws you way over there.  You land on your ass; it's probably broken now.  A gasp escapes your mouth, a gasp that somehow resembles a laugh. 

The rhino-man turns at you with murder in his eyes.  Fuck. 

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE LAUGHING AT!?"  He screams at you.  He's briskly walking towards you, leaning forward menacingly.  You can't  even find the courage to deny that you laughed.  He's going to kill the fuck out of you, and your last words would have been last night.  You don't remember last night.

The End

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