You politely answer the door to your impromptu apartment.Mature

"What the hell are you doing sleeping in a phone booth!?"  The stranger, a very large and profusely pale man, yells as he steps too close.  Now you couldn't even get out if you wanted.

"What am I doing . . . sleeping.  You knew that . . ?"  You shrug a little, in hopes he might have a sense of humor.

He doesn't.  "Shut the hell up smart ass and get out of the way!"

"You seriously don't have a cell phone?  You had to barge into my house out of all the places to go?"  You ask, everyone has a cell phone don't they?  This is 2010 after all.  At least you hope so, maybe this phone booth took you back in time like that one movie with Keanu Reeves before he got creepy.  You know, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.

"My cell phone is dead, and there isn't another phone for like three blocks asshole!"  Well, if it brought you back in time it didn't go far.  Maybe it took you forward?  Regardless, you realize that there isn't even a phone booth anywhere near where you live.  Where the hell am I? You think.

The End

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