Waking UpMature

Children are intelligent, don't you think? A lot smarter than the average adult. I think children have a 6th sense when it comes to figuring people out. Little kids always know who to trust, without anyone saying anything. Another thing about children is how they lack prejudice. Prejudice, what an evil thing. Skin colour, religion, politics, even accents become more important as we age, instantly we presume that someone with a 'common' accent comes from a poor socio-economic background, they're aggressive, probably have sex a lot. We presume that the Catholic girl is good, kind hearted, hates contraception and won't have sex before marriage. Well that's where that fantasy comes from, right? Innocence.

I always considered innocence a good thing, well I also considered myself innocent, I never had a real boyfriend, never drank, never did drugs, never hung out with the wrong crowd. If fact, I never did anything. So when I think about it now, innocence is a bad thing. I never took risks, well I took one risk, and look at me now. Stuck here, talking to you about my general opinions on irrelevant things, probably confusing you. You want to know who I am, where I've come from, why I'm talking to you about this crap, because ultimately it's all crap. So I'll get to my point.

It's hard to die. It's even harder when you know you are about to die, although everyone is about to die really. Everyone is staring death straight in the face, billions of staring matches, each one could last years, or hours. The worst thing someone could do is give up on their staring match. The most selfish thing a human being could do, is end the match themselves. I learnt that the hard way.

The End

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