Waking up.

Mila Pontine was a shy girl who daily went to the park to sit on the jungle gym just to release anxiety.  She'd climb into the covered slide and lay down just enough so she wouldn't slip downward. Once in a while, she'd forget where she was, being so comfortable and serene.

A small boy was running along the hard plastic bridge to climb into the slide, but was abruptly stopped, when he saw a girl laying there.  She slowly opened her eyes and immediately tried to jump up, but unfortunately, he was standing on her dark brown hair.  She screeched and he flinched backwards off her hair.  She slowly rose up and turned to his innocent face.  He was racked with guilt as much as a six-year-old boy could have been racked with guilt.

"I'm - I'm Sorry," he quivered.

"Umm... it's okay."

"Are you sure?"

"Haha, yeah.  Were you going to use the slide?"


She gestured him to the slide.  He ran past her and towards the slide. She stopped him, "Hey kid, be careful."

He chuckled, "Wake up." He turned and drifted down the slide, out of sight.

She looked over the side and waited for him to come out, but he never did.  She had the sudden feeling she was falling and she looked up.  Her eyes closed slowly and when she opened them, she was lying in her usual position midway into the slide.  She leaped up to look around, but didn't see anyone.  She took a deep breath and then laid back down in her spot.  

Then, she stared at the clouds.

The End

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