Waking Up

Have you ever woken up in early morning darkness and not known where you are?  It usually happens when an alarm clock isn’t set and you can come out of sleep slowly and gently like floating up to the surface of water.  It’s not a dream.  You’re awake; you just don’t know where you are.  You're just laying there, in undefined gray light.  I think this happens because your mind is coming to life imperfectly; you're memories of all the knowledge you had before you went to sleep haven't been switched on yet.  You can either lift your head and open your eyes, or you can wait, savoring the feeling of freedom.  In these rare moments you could be anywhere; unlimited possibilities.  You don’t have any cares, no knowledge of the good and evil that you’ll have to face today when you get up. 

One time, I woke up with no knowledge of anything; not where, who or even what I was.  It only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was quite an amazing experience.  I can still remember it really clearly years later.  It wasn’t a dream.  I became conscious but was unaware of my form, and completely void of thought.  It’s not easy to describe, but it went kind of like this:  First, there was unconsciousness, oblivion.  Then, there was a thought.  I was a single thought.  That’s all I was.  The thought was that I was separate from everything else.  There was this thought, and there was oblivion. Then, like a Eve from Adam, the thought multiplied by dividing, and there was a second thought.  The second thought was that I could have other thoughts;  I could know things.  That second thought produced a third.  If I could know things, what other things were there to know?  

This quickly precipitated my banishment from a blissfully ignorant Eden.  Everything came rushing back to me at once.  The shape of my hands, the position of my bed in the room, my place in the world, all snapped back into my head.  What a disappointment.  One moment, I was in my own universe discovering everything for the first time, the next, I was just an average person in an overpopulated world.  "Go forth and multiply." a voice said.

The End

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