Waking Pains

Allen Gregor wakes up to find himself in a familiar yet unknown world as he stumbles to remember how he got there.

 What does it feel like to have ones stomach physically torn from ones body? whatever it felt like was the pain Allen Gregor felt as he doubled over his stomach in pain, violently awoken from a deep slumber. He felt as if a large hole were missing from his abdomen and was afraid to make sure his assumption was correct. It felt terribly bare and he was afraid of a vomiting sensation soon to follow. His arms felt weak, trembling as they wrapped around his torso, his legs laying still. He had a terrifying feeling of nausea coupled with not only the betrayal of being awoken, but also the betrayal of being alive. His pain was so incredible that he wondered if he had died from a fatal wound but was brought back by a necromancer. He exhaled and stopped wincing long enough to survey his surroundings. He was laying on what appeared to be an elevated slab of rock within a stone crypt. The crypt had no door, only an opening to the night itself, the yellow moon painted in the sky like a mural. He stepped towards the doorway keeping one hand on his stomach and placed the other on the stone surface. Taking a hard swallow he put one step out of the crypt, still fearing he truly was dead. He had never been someone to visit cemeteries, even when his mother died he refused to come to the funeral. He hastily walked past the headstones with a feeling of regret; the look on his father's face when he refused to go permeated his consciousness.

The End

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