Wakes up in Hell?Mature

[He] is in hell for his sins or [she] is shaken from a bad dream?

Chapter 1 - Wakes up in (Hell) Hospital!

The patient said:

I was surrounded by blackness. There was heavy and sharp pain in my skull. There were some sounds, that drummed against my brain. Footsteps. Voices.

“She gonna be fit again, ini', nurse?” said a male voice.

“Well, mostly, yes. But she may still have headaches. And the doctor said she may have trouble remembering things... Best thing is to be patient and re-assuring”, said a female voice.

There were a few more footstep sounds which faded away.

I slowly opened my eyes which initially were hit by the brightness. I looked around. Though my vision was slightly blurred, it seemed like I was in a hospital.

I thought to myself, 'How the hell did I get into hospital?... Who's that chav sitting next to my bed?'

I began to speak. “What happened?” - 'Why did my voice sound like that!'

One of my hands was resting on my stomach. I instinctively slid it down...

“My d***! My b*lls!” - 'What the f***?! - What's wrong with my voice?' My heart started hammering against my rib cage. I put my other hand on my chest. “T***! T***” - 'What the f***?! 'What the f***?! 'What the f***?!'

I leaped out of the bed. And ran towards, well, away from where I was. I found two doors. One with a very basic symbol of a figure standing broad, and another with a very basic symbol of a figure with a skirt. I assumed the first one meant 'man' and the second one meant 'woman'. I looked at the man figure, then the woman figure, then the man figure. Then... 'O heck!', I just went into the 'woman room'.

Once inside the room, I saw that it was a large room with many sinks and also private sections for toilets. There was a mirror above the sinks. In the mirror I saw a young woman, with a bandaged head, wearing some kind of hospital dress, staring back at me, looking perplexed. I looked down at 'myself', and saw that I was wearing the same dress. The dress extended to the knees. I lifted it up and took a look. Then I suddenly jumped towards the sink and puked. Puked and puked.

Someone came running in. “Are you feelin' awright?”

I looked to my side, and saw that same chav standing right there, looking at me. Quickly, without a moment's hesitation, I elbowed him in the nose. He fell to the ground.

A nurse had just come into the room and saw what happened. I saw the shocked look of the nurse just before I felt myself collapse.

I woke up. This time I was back in the hospital bed. And there was a young woman sitting next to me. “So, I'm still in this bloody nightmare, am I?” I said.

“Oh, you're awake now. You broke that poor guy's nose! How did you do that? I mean where did you get the strength? He's getting treatment for his nose now. Oh, maybe I should shut up now. The nurse said not to overwhelm you with too much stuff. But wow, you broke his nose! That poor sod. Oh, sorry, you said you had a nightmare? Are you feeling better now or anything?”

“What's happening to me? Did I die and go to hell, or something? I know I did bad things, but I always tried to tip the balance towards good. I guess it wasn't enough”.

“No. You're not bad. You just had an accident. You don't remember? They said it might have affected your memory”.

“Yeah, I remember having an accident. Those Sons of Smurge-Freaks, assaulted our space-ship. I must have died in the fight, and ended up here”.

“Huh?… Well... That must have been a horrible nightmare”.

“That wasn't the nightmare”

“What do you mean?”

“This is the nightmare. Right here, right now!”

“You'll be alright. Just take it easy for a while. I'm here for you now. You know best friends there for each other when it matters most”.

“Why?... Why do I have this girl body?”  

The End

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