Social graces (Who am I?)

As we cover ourselves in theses masks we wear we also cover ourselves with the social graces of the world, but are we really of the world? Our participation in this life only adds up to one time, therefore why should we not make the most of it? But does it mean we should partake of these harmful poisons that prod at us to escape our bearable pains only to find death through said things in which we are tempted to partake? Woe! for all of our pond'rings we forget that there are things that matter far more then pain.

But all the tempests of life will pass eventually, as all storms do, and we will pick up our pieces and move on. Even when we wish to hide and stay even afer the storm passes thro' we remember that all pieces are needed to make it whole.

It is more theses masks to please and have social graces then our real selves that can cause such tempests to occur. But I do not wish for social graces, only to be accepted as I am. Who am I, exactly?

It is for me to know. If you wish, you can find out.

The End

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