Wake in the Subway

In a normal and of a exausting something bizzarre happens and a guy, not so brave and not so atletic but very smart, its is the only person who can save a girl from demons.

It was about 23:00 h.
A guy saw girl in the subway, she smiled to him and entered the empty train wagon.  Before he enters the door was closed and a strange figure appeared.

Was a very old man with a black robe and very long white hair. The girl seemed disturbed and started to scream while trying to break the window, she was to fair way from the emergency button.

Paralyzed by the situation the guy began to laugh. Yeah weird, but people act strange when they are nervous. By the way his name was Ian.

Because off the noise, the machinist opened all the doors. The old man grabbed the girl's neck and started to run dragging her through wagons till the machinist room. Ian entered the train, she was too cute and deserved help. The doors closed and the train started to run.



The End

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