Change of PlansMature

The Viper purred through the wet streets, Darron at it's wheel. It was a great feeling. Knowing you drove one of the fastest cars there was. It was like having the biggest and baddest gun in a time of war.

"So," Darron said to Sawyer, who sat hancuffed in his passenger seat, "Is there any station you like best?"

"You're making a mistake," Sawyer said, a look of annoyance entering his calm face. Darron couldn't look away from the road for a long time, so he couldn't read anything further in those calm and collecting eyes of this strange kid.

"No, I am doing my job," He replied. It seemed like this kid knew something. "Why don't you help me out and explain things to me?" The kid seemed thoughtful.

"You wouldn't believe me," he said after a moment. Darron sighed and kept on guiding his car through the empty streets. It was strange. When he had passed this way just a while back, the streets were busy. Now they were dead empty.

"Try me," Darron replied, "I had a guy try to kill me the other day. He wanted you dead. I don't think he was human, for some reason..." Darron noticed Sawyer looking at him, his eyes wide.

"The others are in danger!" Sawyer shouted. Darron was confused, but his instincts took over and he immediately swung his car, the tires screeching as they slid across the wet pavement. The viper stopped when it faced the direction opposite of where they had been headed. 

"Now," Darron said sternly, "I'm only doing this for their safety, understant?" Sawyer nodded. Darron pressed the gas down and shifted, shooting the Viper down the road. "I don't want you running off, dammit, so you better be one hell of a boy scout until we're done checking on the others!" Sawyer nodded again.

The Viper tore through the empty roads and toward the large building where Darron had found Sawyer. Maybe he would get answers from the sisters, maybe Sawyer would escape. Darron didn't know, but what he did know is that he could not let anyone get hurt.

To protect was his first and foremost duty.

The End

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