Too EasyMature

Darron closed his car door and locked the vehicle. 

The building in front of him seemed like a typical meeting area of a cult. On his way to the place, he had had Gary, one of the men working in Intelligence, to look up Sawyer's liscense plate. It hadn't belonged to the kid. That meant either a family member was helping him, or a friend. He would have known, except that Darron had hung up on Gary. The man never shut up.

Walking to the door, he reached in his coat and loosened his pistol from it's holster. He didn't want to kill anyone, he rarely did, but this kid was suspect for a mass murder. One could never be too suspicious. 

Darron rang the doorbell and waited. 

After a minute, and some shuffling noises, a young girl answered the door. 

"May I help you?" she said nervously. The girl looked to be in her teens, but in this day and age, she could be over twenty just as easily.

"I was hoping to talk to Sawyer. Is he here?"

She looked nervous. Was she aware of her brother's situation? Or was she an accomplice? Either way, the reservation for the restaurant that burned had only Sawyer's name, so there was no proof for his sisters. Darron guessed this girl to be Ruby, the older of Sawyer's two sisters.

"No, he can't talk," she said, "Would you mind coming back-"

"It's ok, Ruby," Sawyer's voice said, interrupting his sister.

The boy came to the door and sent his sister away. Two more men, looking older than Darron himself, came into view. 

"Would you mind coming with me?" Darron said, trying to make this as simple as possible.

"Do I have a choice, or do you just like holding your gun?" Sawyer said, eyeing Darron's hand, which rest inside his coat. So, this boy was smarter than your average kid?

"No, you don't," Darron replied. He grabbed Sawyer's hand and twisted the kid around. Handcuffs might be protocol, but Darron really only used them so the convicted wouldn't damage his car in an escape attempt. After fifteen years, he had finally bought the thing.

"Ruby, I'll settle this manner, one way or another," Sawyer told his sister, "Until then, keep on helping around here. And tell the owners I'll be back shortly."

His sister nodded, still looking scared. The other two men turned and walked up the distant stairs. This was going too smoothly though. Darron led his handcuffed charge out to his Viper, watching his surroundings. 

After all, no need to take chances.

The End

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