Darron slammed on breaks, causing his Viper to stop just short of hitting a Honda in front of him. Out of his passenger side window, Darron saw a boy smoking a cigarette. It was Sawyer. 

Darron felt like laughing. When the hail started, he had decided to give up on searching the town, but here the kid stood out in the open. It was almost too good to be true, so Darron pulled the picture of the boy out of his files. The photo matched the kid outside, though somehow the smoking figure seemed... older.

Darron shrugged it off and parked his car further down the street when traffic picked up once more. No need in letting the kid associate Darron's car with him. The hail had slowed slightly as Darron got out and locked his car. A little part inside of him cringed every time the hail hit his ride. He would asses the damage later, though. 

Walking down the street, Darron saw Sawyer still standing inthe same place looking at a bench. That was odd. It was like he was examining it. What was so interesting about an empty bench?

"Hey!" Darron called out, "There you are, son!" He rushed up and patted Sawyer on the back. The boy turned suddenly, as if avoiding some kind of monster, and jumped back.

"Who are you!?" Sawyer said menacingly. Darron put up his hands.

"Woah, easy kid!" he said quickly, "I thought you were my son. He ran off in his car after a fight we had." Darron smiled on the inside as Sawyer relaxed slightly. "Anyway, if you see a kid about your size with hair a little shorter, can you tell him his father is looking for him?"

Sawyer nodded and put out his cigarette. "Sure thing," he said. Darron waved goodbye and headed back toward his car. He had already done what he was told to. The tracer was on Sawyer's jacket. It was near invisable, so hopefully no one would notice it.

Darron smiled. Maybe he would be home soon.

The End

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