I slipped out of the Monastery unnoticed. But not before making sure everyone was in their rightful place. Renee was in her room drawing, as Rex sat protectively outside the bedroom. Simon and Ruby were outside working on counter attacks. They were both stubborn and reluctant to work with each other. Ruby was of course more vocal about it. Simon new better and remained scornful, yet obedient. I wondered who would break first; Ruby from the training or Simon from Ruby.

Ruby was filled with anger more rigorous than usual. She desperately wanted to come along in the search for Sologne. It was far too dangerous. I positioned guards all over the Monastery. My sister would give them all a run for their money today, as impulsive and reckless as she was. There was no doubt in my mind that she would attempt an escape.

I left the Monastery in one of the team's cars, a black sedan. I missed my charger which I abandoned at the scene of a crime. I tried to think like an eighteen year old girl, before I remembered Sologne wasn't an average girl in an average situation. How she even got passed my men in the first place was a mystery to me.

I knew she couldn't have gotten to far. I threw my Fox baseball cap on hoping it would make me look more common and less frantic. I didn't do frantic very well at least not in front of the others. On my own without everyone looking towards me for advice, without the Angel's guardianship, I was slowly deteriorating.

I spent the afternoon scanning the town for Sologne. I had one of my men file a police report. I would have filed it myself had there not been a bounty over my head.

Frustrated after looking in every store restaurant, gas station and bus stop, I sat in a glass booth at the bus stop, taking cover as it began to hail. My sister would be furious if I returned to the Monastery without Sologne. I took out a cigarette muttering a string of curse words. Teenage girls and the apocalypse was sure to give me some early gray hair.

Just as I was about to call Rex, something on the bench caught my eye. It was a pomegranate. A bite had been taking out of it., the seeds were gone. Purple lipstick was visible around the missing piece.

I shook my head, and dismissed the pomegranate as a coincidence. Lots of people ate pomegranates.  

The End

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