Darron drove along the highway, listening to his favorite song. He didn't know why but this song defined him. It was powerful and mysterious. Just like a wolf. Just like Darron.

Mixed in with the sound of the music was the rumble of his Dodge Viper SRT-10. It was a beautiful car, with its metallic green color and custom body kit. It had taken years to save up for the beautiful car and he would have never had the money if not for his new job's salary. What else suited a man like Darron other than a Viper?

The sounds around him spun together, somehow making Darron glad he was being sent to follow these kids. Hopefully, it was all a misunderstanding and Darron could go home. But for some reason his director had some kind of obsession with this kid. The director usually never called about any case, yet with this one Darron had received constant calls. Maybe this Sawyer was a relative?

'Who cares?' Darron thought to himself before picking up his phone. He didn't need to look as he turned off his radio and dialed the number. Barret had better pick up or Darron was going to be angry. He had already fallen behind in one of his classes.'

Before he could press send, however, he located the place he was looking for. An old car lot. 'Guess I'll call him later,' Darron thought to himself, 'After all, it's really early.'

The man who ran the store came out before Darron's car even stopped. Something was... off about the plump man who now stood a little ways in front of the Viper. He scratched his bald head as he eyed Darron getting out. The man didn't even glance at the Viper.

"I believe I called you earlier?" Darron said sternly, observing the man's eyes. Did they seem unnatural or was it just Darron?

"Hmmm, yes," the man said with a gruff voice, "This way." Darron followed the plump man as he walked toward the back of the lot. In the man's hand, Darron realized, was a hankercheif with some kind of insignia on it. Looking closer, Darron saw that it was a symbol of Hades.

"Interesting hankerchief you have there," Darron said. The man just looked back and eyed him. 'Maybe it's a coincidence..?' 

They came upon a nice van that looked out of place. Darron watched the man as he fished some keys out of his pocket. Why this Sawyer kid would dump a nice vehicle like this for so little was beyond Darron. Seemed suspicious, but it could very well be that they simply wanted to move away from their parents death.

Darron searched the van and found nothing out of the ordinary except a copy of some book. Darron pocketed it and moved to inspect the engine. He was no grease monkey but he did know his way around an engine.

"Nothing...," Darron said in a whisper. For a kid, Sawyer was good at leaving no evidence. His sisters hadn't left anything either, so that means they must know something is up at least. This case was getting more suspicious.

Behind Darron, the plump man inched closer. If it hadn't been for his training, Darron wouldn't have heard him move. 

"You know," the man said, his voice oddly menacing, "We could compare what we know to find that kid. He owes me some money."

Darron whipped around just in time to dodge a stab to the stomach. Darron grabbed the other man's arm and twisted him into the dirt. The knife, which was a rusted steak knife, fell to the ground. 

"Who are you?" Darron yelled. "Why do you really want to find those kids?"

The man twisted his neck to an unnatural position and stared at Darron. "I want to kill them!" the creature screamed. It threw Darron to the ground with superhuman strength. Darron rolled and pulled his gun. The creature laughed and picked up his knife.

"You think that will effect-" A massive bullet tore the creature's head off completely. The body fell to the ground and a black mist escaped the corpse. Darron jumped back again and ran to his car. He couldn't let the mist touch him. 

Before Darron got to his Viper, however, the mist disappeared. Darron sighed and took out his work phone, immediately dialing the number's to his real boss.  

"Mr. Secretary," Darron said when the his phone connected, "I found a leviathan." 

The End

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