The UnderworldMature

I shook my head in disbelief, thankful for the support of the chair. After a moment of slack jaw gawking I turned back to Sawyer. “Um?”

“When I finally came to in the hospital. I was met by Arianna and some of the others who explained to me, who they were and what had happened. They recruited me. They wanted me to lead a band of humans who could help them fight their enemies and raise awareness on earth, hence the book.”

I frowned at him.

“Yea it didn't have the desired effect but hopefully now people will take it more seriously.” I could tell that stab was directed at me specifically.

“What about the other defenders?” I asked.

“Same thing. Leviathan attacks in the water mainly. The angels recruited them to help me in the war.”

I suddenly felt dizzy. I propped my head in my hands, “Why is this happening?”

“The leviathans had a fall out with Hades.”

“Hades? The underworld?.”

“Yes the underworld, a different version of hell.” He added glancing back at me to make sure I understood before continuing, “The leviathans adored Hades, he was their master. Unfortunately for them, Hades only had one true desire-”

“Persephone.” I finished in awe.

“Yes, Persephone. The Leviathans grew jealous of her . She was compassionate and human able to win over Hades affections with her beauty. While the leviathans were merely savage pets. So they did the unthinkable. They tore her to shreds. They all shared in the consumption of her flesh. In doing so they found a way to use human blood, to change their appearance and shift into mortals. They thought that was what Hades desired; human companionship. When Hades found out how they had killed Persephone he was furious he had them cast out of the underworld....So now their here trying to take over our world.”

“Wow.” Was all I could say at first ,that was a lot to take in at once. “Can Hades be swayed to take them back?” I asked hopefully.

“No, the only person who could have evoked his kindness was Persephone.” Arianna injected. The Angles lowered their gazes in defeat.

The double doors opened abruptly. Rex stood in the entrance way, wearing a look similar to that of the arch angels.

“Rex?” My brother asked.

Rex shook his head, “The girl, Sologne she's gone.”

The End

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