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I was so taken back with my training session with Simon that I had skipped the one scheduled for the next day. I didn't care if  anyone got made at me, frankly they were all making me mad with their secrecy and shared whispers. I tried to take my mind off of it, by reading some in Sawyer's book.

I couldn't concentrate enough to absorb any real knowledge. I grew impatient and slammed the book shut. If I was going to get answers I was going to get them from a more direct source.

I headed back upstairs to look for Sawyer. He wasn't in plain sight, or in the living space of the finished basement. He must have been in one of the many rooms located in the main floor off the cathedral. I avoided the gargoyles and angels that had been richly sewn into the architecture, which was a hard thing to do. Angels were everywhere I turned in this building. In statues and paintings. Angels, even on the ceiling and tiles of the floor. It was getting hard to imagine a world where angels and leviathans both existed.

I made my way to a dome shape section of the church. Double doors secured a large room that Sawyer told us that room was off limits. Naturally that meant something important, would be taking place there.

I had my hunches that this was were the mortal defenders conversed. They all seemed to disappear around the same time every day.

Without knocking I turned the knob of one of the large double doors, and pushed it open. At least a hundred people; men women, boys and girl were seated at a large nearly endless table, positioned in Gothic high back chairs. The room grew quiet upon my entrance. I sought out the people in the large group that I knew were from the Mortal defense team. They were easier to spot; they all shared the same angry look, and clenched Styrofoam cups of coffee. The other people in the room were iridescent and flawless. With their blank expressions, they could have been on the cover of Vogue.

“Ruby?” Sawyer greeted through clenched teeth.

I turned my attention away from the luminous visitors. “ I'm not here for the refreshments Sawyer, care to tell me what's been going on?”

It was quiet again. I looked to Simon who was standing next to Sawyer. I waited for him to say something sarcastic at my expense. Surprisingly, he shared the same intense expression as everyone else.

“Who are these people?” I asked nobody in particular, “These kids are younger than I am, their allowed to be in the know when their not even old enough to-

“Ruby!” Sawyer's voice boomed, “You need to leave, you shouldn't be here.”

“No.” A small girl, stood up, she couldn't have been over seven years old. “She needs to know the truth, before she searches for it in the wrong place."This little girl was wise beyond her years. I appreciated her coming to my defense, but I had to admit it was a little creepy.

Sawyer bowed his head. “Yes Arianna.”

He turned to me with less regard. "Sit down."

I walked from the spot I stood at by the door, down the ridiculously long table. Heads turned in my direction as I walked by. Though these people were much too intimidating to look in the eye, I could tell through my peripheral vision that they were even flawless up close and their skin really did have an unnatural glow to it.

I found an empty chair at the opposite end of the table. I sat and met Sawyer's eyes avoiding the other people at the table.

“ Rex, Simon and I lead a prestigious group of men called the mortal defenders, that much you know, right?” Sawyer began.

I nodded waiting for him to go on. He seemed nervous.

“Er, maybe I should start from the beginning....Do you remember when I almost drowned in the Atlantic two years ago?”

“Yes.” I said quietly remembering how frantic Mom was when she got the ambulance call.

“Well it wasn't from a strong current. I lied.”

Imagine that, I thought to myself.

“It was a leviathan attack.” He admitted.

  • “In the water?”

    “Their strongest in the water. At the time I thought I had blacked out,only it was the leviathans surrounding me.”

    A chill ran down my back, did hell have a personal vendetta against my family?

    “ I thought I was going to die. Even when the paramedics had pulled me out of the water, I was still drowning. A leviathan had made it's way inside me. It was like I was trapped in myself. It not only felt like I was drowning, but like I was dying of hypothermia. Luckily for me the leviathans weren't the only super beings in the water that day.”

I shrugged in confusion, waiting for him to get to the point.

“Ruby meet the arch angels.” He said gesturing to the peculiar people at the table.

The End

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