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We finally arrived at our destination. Bellville Colorado was even colder than Maine this time of year. I woke Sologne up, she was still delirious and groggy and didn't take light to the sun beaming in our faces. I didn't much care for the sun anymore myself, what right did it have being out in the sky, when the world was becoming such a dark and corrupt place? Like the sun the whole landscape was beautiful,the roaming hills,the large coy pond and a gazebo with a roof tiled in red clay, all of this leading up to an enormous stone walled cathedral.

“Mom shut the curtains.” Sologne complained as my my brother helped her to the Monastery. Renee and I grabbed our bags and followed gingerly behind them.

I was expecting to be greeted by a group of peaceful monks. Instead what I got were an unmoved group of Men dressed in black attire. Some of them had crossbows slung nonchalantly across their backs', others carried knives and swords in sheaths. At least I didn't have to worry about anyone trying to hug us, I thought bitterly.

Sawyer handed Sologne off to a middle aged balding man who's muscles made the Rock look scrawny.

“This is Sologne, the one I was telling you about. Make sure she get's the proper cleansing.”

I stepped forward reaching for my friend. “What is this cleansing thing?” I asked grabbing Sol's arm before they could drag her off and do God knows what to her.

Sawyer looked at me, “It's a complex incantation that only Rex here can perform, to ward off any lingering evils from her body, also restore her mind and memory..”

“No.” I decided, “I'm not letting some strange jacked up man named Rex perform an incantation on Sologne!” I hollered.

Sawyer shot me a look, clearly I had embarrassed him in front of his friends,or whoever these people were.

Rex cleared is throat before he could speak, a younger man came to his defense, “No it's okay dad can't you see that's her B-F-F!” He said mockingly causing the other men to erupt with laughter, “I know you have nothing better to do with your time than perform some sill incantation Dad.” He said looking from me to Rex, “Maybe instead this little girl will let you borrow her Cosmo magazine and you can read us all our horoscope.”

I  dropped Sol's arm and stepped closer to the boy set on giving him a piece of my mind. Ruby grabbed my hand and Sawyer stepped in front of me blocking me from my opponent. “Simon, be sensitive please, she's not used to our ways.”

I scoffed these people were barbarians, a step up from neanderthals. I'd never get used to their ways.

Simon nodded respectfully at my brother. “Allow me to make the introduction,” Sawyer said,“Ruby, Renee; meet the Mortal defense team.More specifically Simon Halloway." He said pointing at the rude boy,"Your trainer and guardian during the upcoming Apocalypse.”

“What?” I reeled.

“What?” Renee repeated.

“That guys our trainer?” I complained.

“There is going to be an Apocalypse?” Renee cried.

I squeezed her hand reassuringly.

Sawyer overlooked my question, but answered Renee's. He grabbed her hand, pulling her away from me. “Look Renee as long as you do everything, these guys say. You'll be safe, I wouldn't let them put you on the front lines.”

She wiped away a tear trailing down her cheek, “And Ruby?” She glanced over at me. My arms were crossed and I wore a look of discontent which was aimed at Sawyer for promising our little sister things, he couldn't be sure of.

Sawyer looked at me as he answered Renee's question, “ In two weeks Ruby will be of age. It's expected of her to fight alongside us, that's why I'm only letting the best of my men train her.” His eyes held regret and an apology for me. I glanced over at the other men. I didn't see anyone as young as I was in that group of bandits surely no women.

“Why?” I asked my voice wavering.

Sawyer averted his gaze from mine, “Leviathan's are attracted to young blood, specifically women who in their ancient culture are looked upon as the weaker gender.....easier to obtain.”

I nodded slowly to let him know I understood, “I'm going to be used as bait.”

The End

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