Colorado WraithsMature

Darron Daniel Drear aimed his D.Eagle at the figure before him. Deep breaths traveled through his lungs at a steady pace. His eyes never blinked as he calculated the shot. Only one bullet remained in the clip. He had to make it count.

A slight wind moved across Darren's body. 1... 2.....3! 

A powerful force pushed the massive gun back toward Darren as the bullet tore through the air and into the distant figure. The figure fell, nearly torn in two. Success! Darron you ARE the man! 

Darron ran out of his hiding spot and onto the next figure in the distance. This one was moving in circles, causing Darron to hide. Reloading his clip, he aimed at the moving figure. Darren breathed deeply once more. It was meant to relax and focus him, but it simply excited him. Another shot rang through the air, ripping a large hole into the moving figure.

Darron didn't waste time, however, and didn't see the figure fall. What was the point? Running, he pulled a throwing knife from the sack tied to his leg. Knives weren't his favorite, but they were useful. 

Another figure popped out of a bush. As quick as a viper, Darron threw his knife into it's head and ran past. He did this three more times before he came into a clearing filled with black garbed men.

Darron dropped his last knife, preparing to fight the men. He was the best, and  he would win against a thousand. These ten or so men didn't scare Darren the Baron.

Before he could charge, however, another shorter man in a nice suit ran out to meet Darron. 

"What the hell do you want, Koreg?" Darron sneered at the short agent. Gary pushed his hair out his face. It was too long, in Darren's opinion, and was unfit for an operative of the B.G.C. 

"You have a  new assignment!" He said angrily. "Why are you always such a dick?"

Darron ignored the smaller man and took the report. It took him a second reread to realize what he was actually suppose to do. Apparently he was being sent to track down some kid named Sawyer King and his little sisters, who were suspects for a mass murder. Odd. 

"Guess I got another crap job..." Darron walked to the nearby barracks. He guessed the obstacle course would have to wait.

The End

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