Black MistMature

I bit Sologne's lip hard. She pushed me away with brute force that I've never known her to manifest.I withered away from her as she screamed in agony. She sounded deranged, the voice coming out of her mouth didn't belong to her. No, it was undoubtedly masculine, "How dare you!"

I crawled to the Holy water gun and squirted some holy water in my mouth before aiming it at Sologne. The water I swallowed caused whatever had settled in my chest to spiral upwards. The feeling of ice cursing through my body, making my stomach feel queasy and my throat ache, as the leviathan shot of my mouth. The “black mist” that Sawyer had described earlier, disappeared through a wall. My hands shook as I aimed my water pistol at Sologne. I was trying to ignore the lingering effects of having just been possessed by a creature from hell.

“Don't come any closer.” I warned as Sologne turned on me. She smiled like the Cheshire cat in purple lipstick.

“What did you do with Sologne?!”

Sologne's shoulders shrugged innocently. The creature summoned her voice again.

“Let's just say her and I, have a joint custody agreement over this.” She gestured to her body provocatively. “Though I am going to recommend a new wardrobe for your friend. Think she would like th-

“What do you mean joint custody over her body?!” I interrupted bitterly

She twirled Sologne's hair playfully, I thought I was going to get sick again, “Ruby sweet little Ruby. I kept Sologne around because she has spunk ,she's innovative, strong willed; the kind of person who could do great things with the power I have to offer.... As far as your parents-

I didn't let her finish , I shot a stream of holy water at her face. She shrieked painfully.

“Did you really I wasn't going to do that bitch?!” I screamed at the leviathan as I was enveloped in someone's arms. I screamed and kicked for a second.

“Hey kid, relax.” It was Sawyer. He pulled out his own gun, which I have to admit was a lot more lethal looking than my wimpy water gun. The leviathan  shot out of Ruby's body. Sawyer began shooting frantically at it, and it wasn't streams of holy water, but something solid instead.

“What is that? What is it going to do?” I asked.

“Rock salt pellets. It should stun the leviathan for even longer.”

I turned my attention to Sologne's limp body.

“What about Sologne?”

Sawyer knelt down to check her pulse, “She's still alive”

I sighed in relief.

“But-” He began.

“- once a leviathan takes control of your body, it makes you a lot more susceptible to another possession.”

I decided not to tell my brother about the icy fog sensation I had experienced a few minutes prior.

That was over and done with. I really didn't want to give Sawyer anymore reason to worry.

Sawyer scooped Sologne up in his arms. Had she been conscious, she would have feinted.

“I'm taking her with us to Colorado, so my friends can keep a close eye on her.” He caught my eye before adding, “A close eye on all of you.”

The End

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