A little too friendlyMature

I felt ridiculous walking in there with my holy water gun poised to shoot if anything should happen. I felt as if I were playing pretend. I passed the the foyer glancing at my parent's wedding photo. My chest felt hollowed. I really wish I was playing pretend. I blinked away rapidly forming tears. No, I wouldn't let myself go there, I couldn't think about Mom and Dad now, not yet. The road was getting bumpy if I slipped now I knew I'd never get back up. 

I went in Renee's room first. Her bedroom walls were painted a Pepto Bismo- pink, stuffed animals still sat protectively on her bed. They were childish and I made fun of her relentlessly for them. I grabbed her favorite, a plush doberman named Doby. My mom had got it for her after our dog "Doby." had passed away two years ago. It took Renee months to get out of her grieving slump after he passed away. I couldn't even think what this would do to her. Not when I couldn't process my own emotions. I grabbed a large duffel bag and stuffed the necessities in there; clothes, toothbrush, toiletries. 

Once I finished in her room, I made my way to my own room across the hall. I pried the door open. I  dropped the duffle bag and squirt gun in surprise. My heart beat picked up, someone was sitting on my bed. I thought about turning and running, but I knew it would be too late for that. Whoever it was had heard me already. If they wanted me they'd find a way to have me. Nervously I flipped the light switch on to reveal the shadow. 

"Sol!" I cried relief seeping through my pores. I raced into her open arms, and than I lost it.

"I'm so sorry Ruby." Sol said soothingly patting my hair, "I heard about the fire."

I struggled to regain my composure. "Sol, it was awful, I don't want to talk about it now."

She held me at a distance so she could look me in the eye. 

"Ruby, poor, poor, beautiful Ruby." She clicked her tongue,  her nails dug into my shoulders.

"Ow, Sologne that hurts." I whined, before catching an odd glint in her steely gray eyes which grew darker under my gaze.

"What's with your eyes. Did you get colored contacts?"

She ignored my question, which was fine; now wasn't the time for beauty advice. I noticed the sympathetic look she wore on her face, it mirrored my own sadness.

"Come here." She whispered pulling me closer again. Before I could protest or explain anything to her, her mouth was on mine.

I tried pushing her away as her tongue darted for mine. Something was off. My eyes popped open, as did hers. The only thing more strange than french kissing your best friend, who was of the same sex and seemingly straight, was starring into the depths of her black bottomless eyes. This was not the Sologne I knew and loved. 

Sologne's hold on me became tighter and stronger. Her breath became icy and heavy, like fog. I felt the coolness enter my own lungs. She was controlling the odd sensation, breathing it into me, filling the hollow in my chest with something far worse.

The End

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