Moments later the fire company arrived, the ambulance followed shortly. We were all checked out thoroughly, antibiotic ointment and soothing salve was applied to our burns. Afterward a policeman addressed my brother.

“Mr. King I need to get a statement, did you see anything unusual.”

Sawyer shook his head, disoriented. “No sir, all I remember was a burning smell coming from the

kitchen, and than waking up on the floor besides my sisters. By that point the building was engulfed in flames, we crawled out and as you can see escaped with only minor burns.”

By the time we we got the okay to go home, we were exhausted. Renee and I fell asleep huddled in the back seat of the van. I awoke feeling someone's hand on my shoulder. My eyes shot open in alarm. Sawyer was leaned over our seat. “Go get your essentials and Renee's too. Things you absolutely can't survive without.”

I stifled a yawn, “Where exactly are you taking us.”

“Someplace safe.” He added as he opened his book and began flipping frantically through the pages, “I have to meet with my...friends.” He said catching my eye in the rear view mirror.

“There's more of you?”

Once again Sawyer ignored my question “Oh and take this.” He ordered as he handed me a squirt gun.

I stretched, “Really?” I asked dryly.

  • “It's full of holey water. Worst case scenario, you see one of those undead bastard, you shoot them with this.”

I eyes my supersoaker suspiciously. “And what exactly will this do?”

“It will stun the leviathan inside the corpse. It will literally kick it out of the body.”

  • “But not kill.” I muttered under my breath as I hoped out of the van to gather our belongings.

The End

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