“Burn the bodies? Sawyer are you out of your mind? Mom and Dad were going to be buried on the family plot by Nana and-”

" Ruby I don't like the idea either but if I don't do it. The leviathan's will posses the corpse's and I don't think I can handle watching those asshole's wear my parent's right now. Got it?"

I blinked rapidly a couple times, to let  him  know, that no, I didn't get it. He was speaking a different language. In spite of the ginormous increasing lump in my throat I managed to get a few words out, " Leviwho wearing....our....dead parents?"

we pulled into Lucarelli's parking lot. Sawyer pressed his fingers to his eyes.

"Look!", he snapped, "Mom and Dad were killed a couple hours ago, by leviathan's. They infiltrated the restaurant....and I couldn't do anything, I didn't know they were there....." He looked out the window, so he wouldn't have to face me and Renee when he said that. He thought he was responsible for their death.

-"How did these leviathans kill them, food poisoning?" I asked remembering the suspicious grin on the waiter's face as he served our food.

Sawyer shook his head, "The leviathan's are beasts sent from hell, to destroy the human race. They have powers beyond your worst nightmare."

"W-What do they look like?" Ren asked her arms hugging her legs.

Sawyer draped an arm over her shoulders, he spoke slowly to us both so we wouldn't forget, "Their true form their anything from a black mist to  a ragged beast of man, torn flesh displaced limbs, razor sharp teeth..."

Renee shivered.

Sawyer toned it down a notch, "Here they take on the form of our dead, after they restorted their bodies to life."

I thought for sure I was going to vomit.

"How did they kill Mom and Dad?!" I demanded, not liking the way he was indirectly avoiding my question.

Sawyer looked from Renee to me, "Come on do you really want to know those details?"

I looked towards my younger sister, she was feverently shaking her head no.

"Plug you ears Ren." I suggested, waiting for Sawyer to continue.

 Sawyer muttered something about me under his breath before continuing,"The leviathans take their spirit form, like I said before it appears to be a dark mist, as their souls have long since been tainted by the black magic of hell. Once they've done that if powerful enough they can even creep inside a living body."

I swallowed back fear, "And than what."

I could tell from the pained expression on Sawyers face that he didn't want to continue. "Once they get inside they eat everything the insides. Leviathan's don't need the same internals and organs we would to survive. They run only on the magic they've absorbed from spending eternity in hell, devilcraft."

 -“So there's no way to kill them?”

It's almost impossible when their this powerful.”

-“ So what than we just-”

We just try to survive for a really long time and hope that their powers have depleted enough to kill them.”

- “Sawyer how do you know-”

Later.” He said abruptly cutting me off from the questions. “I have to do this now, before everyone in that restaurant wakes up a leviathan. Stay here.” He demanded.

Please can't we say our goodbyes?” I pleaded. The thought of not being able to let my parents know how much I loved them, nearly killed me as well.

Quickly. The cops aren't here yet, but it's not long before someone notices something. If they haven't already. ” He said ushering us in through the back entrance.

The lights were turned off. It was late, after normal business hours in Port Adams.

Brace yourself.” Sawyer warned as he turned on the lights.

Bodies littered the floor, the worst part was everyone looked like they were sleeping. I rushed past the bodies, including William's. My skin prickled. I found my parents laying there on the floor. My mother's head was resting on my father's chest. I grasped each of their cold hands in my own. There was no blood, not a scratch on their body. If I hadn't checked them for a pulse, their death could have been mistaken for a deep slumber...if only.

I was horrible to them earlier,embarrassed of them even. I kissed each of their cheeks, whispering my goodbyes then moved out of the way so Renee and Sawyer could do the same.

Take Renee back to the van, and take these.” Sawyer said handing me our father's wallet and my mother's purse. Renee reached for my hand. She gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Will the leviathan's come again?” I asked terrified to leave my brother's presence.”

Sawyer's face was unreadable his dark hair falling into it and obscuring his gray eyes,“It's me they want.”





The End

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