Burn the BodiesMature

I woke up in the back of my parents mini van. I was propped up against the window. My clothes were disheveled and my head was foggy. I couldn't remember the details but I recalled the bright lights and loud noise. A party maybe?

I looked from my brother in the driver's seat to Ren in the passenger's seat, grateful that they had picked me up, instead of mom and dad. They would have been furious if they knew I was out drinking ecspecially on a school night.

I groaned. “God I think I drank too much.... Thanks for picking me up, but next time, don't bring the loser cruiser. Your making my life hell at school everyone thinks I'm weird now, least you can do is display some class and pick me up in the charger.”

Sawyer and Ren remained quiet and rigid in the front seat. He gripped the wheel harder, his knuckles turning white from the effort. Something was off, they were acting odd. Renee was quiet, that was always a dead giveaway.

“ Ren?” I nudged her shoulder gently. She shot Sawyer a desperate look., refusing to look at me. “Renee?!” I beckoned, again sick of the silence.

She looked at me and shook her head. Tears flooded her eyes m until she became a sobbing mess.

I glanced back at Sawyer, who was concentrating on the road with a grim face. “What's wrong with her?” I asked putting my arm around her chair. “Where are mom and dad?” I asked coming to a little bit more.

Sawyer lit up a cigarette. “They....died.”

The nausea hit me like a punch to the stomach. As I swished his words around in my head, they died. Recent memories flooded my head. I opened the window for some fresh air. My heart wouldn't let my brain accept such disturbing news. “No.”

Ren began sobbing even harder.

“Turn the car around I want to go home, to see mom and dad.” I shouted, my voice sounding shrill and lonely in the quiet van.

“Ruby I'm not going back there. It's too dangerous, if you would have read the book-

“Turn the Fucking car around!” I screamed surprising myself and my siblings.

Sawyer gave in. “Fine. We can go home, for a minute...After we stop at Lucarelli's.”

“Why are we stopping there?!” I demanded.

He took a long drag of his cigarette, “So I can burn the bodies.”

The End

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